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Does Wyoming Exist?

One Of The Greatest Mysteries Ever!

This web page is dedicated to answering the question "Does Wyoming Exist?"

Through much research over the internet I have not been able to find any hard evidence showing that Wyoming actually exists.

This is a picture I found on the web. I could not find any pictures that included people. This is a weird picture, it looks like it was taken in the age of the dinosaurs.

When people think of Wyoming what do they think?
Probally steers and queers. Not me or my associates. I think of desolate land and no people (except that one crazy guy who sleeps in a hole in the ground with a shotgun).
I am trying my hardest to set up a page that will include any pictures I am able to find. As you can imagine this is hard so I need your help! If you have any pictures of Wyoming e mail them to me. I would really appreciate it.
Keep coming back to this site because I will be updating it alot!

A real liscence plate from Wyoming!
A survey for people who live in Wyoming
Some very rare pictures of Wyoming

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