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The C. B. Clinics Of America 24-7 Round-Table

Product!!!!!....I'm Good But This One Has Me Stumped.....Product!!!!!....I'm Good But This One Has Me Stumped.....Product!!!!!....I'm Good But This One Has Me Stumped.....

Greetings Folks, I have a DREAM. . . . . that I would like for you to be a part of. I realize, as I'm sure you do, that no matter how experienced a cb technician is, there will always be new challenges that have never been experienced. Just when you think that you have seen every problem that could manifest in a cb radio, there comes a mind-boggling symptom that seems to defy everything that you have studied so hard to learn for "all those years".

My DREAM is to be able to get techs from around the world to be standing by JUST FOR ME to help me with every one of those problems that come across my workbench. Of course we would all be standing by JUST FOR YOU, too!

Of course, I am familiar with the current discussion groups and forums that are on the Internet and I am a member of a few of them--but they are not answering the DREAM that I am presenting to you. I see THIS forum as a Round-Table discussion group that will run 24-7. Of course not all members will be present 24-7, but at least 24-7, there will be some members that will be signed on and standing by - "ON CALL"

The computers should be accessible from the tech-bench and when you have a problem with a cb radio that you have never encountered, you simply swivel around in your big geniune leather adjustable tech chair to the computer and type in the model of the radio that you have before you, the problem that you are experiencing with it, and within minutes or even seconds, someone from anywhere on the planet will type in the cure that they have found in the past for the same model or one similar to it. It will be like having your own "ON STAFF" technical consultation team.

The group membership will be approved on an individual basis from applicants that have been hand chosen by myself and other members and all activity will be monitored on an hourly basis by myself and appointed members. You will be happy to know that we have decided on a


for Smart-alecs with GOD complexes--However healthy discussion will be encouraged.

It will take some time for this to come to fruition, so I need members that are willing to give it as much time as possible even though it seems slow at first. If you stay with it, eventually you will be proud to be a part of what I believe can be a DREAM come true.

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