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Scorpio is a bot I made because I had some one-of-a-kind gear motors laying around and I wanted to put them to good use. The motors are so inefficient, they have to be powered by a 9V battery.

I was having a little trouble getting the mechanics figured out and I tried switching the conventional far reaching FRONT legs to the back and the shorter reaching legs to the front. The result is a Bot that TURNS when the reverser switch is triggered!



The Frame is a 2" wide, 1/8" thick piece of aluminum cut into an "H" shape and the bending top part of the "H" upwards to desired angle.

The motors are from a surplus supply, and not really that good.    Oh well, I got the last two they had anyway.

Since these pictures were taken, I have replaced the rubber band (very high-tech, huh?) with a nice shiny spring to hold the battery on the rump.


These pics should give you some idea of the size of the bot.

EClick the pic for a video of Scorpio walking.  You'll see he's not in a hurry!

  EWanna see my other bot Lotus?  Click the picture to go to his web page!


Thanks goes out to Bruce Robinson for offering his help with the with the mechanics,  and ELMO for hosting the video files!

let me know what you think!