Aslak's free page

This page is as unambitious as it can be, with no layout, and even html tags kept to a minimum. The reason is, of course, that this site should be readable with Psions and Wap-phones, Lynx and the like.

For now, I just present my first program for the Psion (opl32). It's simply called morse, and the rest you can probably figure out yourself. Just store it on your Psion and run it..
Alternatively, put the files of this zip-file in a directory called morse under /system/apps of your C: or D: drive. Then it'll appear under extras with an icon and all.

Update: I just discovered, 11 years later, that my page here still existed! I didn't even know Angelfire existed still, but I could log in, no problems. Of course, I no longer have my Psion (may it rest in peace), and have instead newer gadgets to play with.
I am currently developing for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, as well as Mac OSX. So please check out my apps at: and my company website

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