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Diesel Locomotive Links

Here are some links to some of the best diesel locomotive and railroad related sites & pages on the internet. I have searched practicly the whole internet to find these links. These are the pages that inspired and still inspire me to create this web site. If you like this web site, you will most definitly love these web sites & pages. If you know of, or own a great diesel locomotive or railroad related site you can email me and I will consider adding a link to it.

Exotic diesel locomotives
Modern diesel locomotives
Visit Dan's depot for great diesel locomotive gif's.
Trains of the Union Pacific Railroad
Electro motive division of General Motors, American manufacturer of diesel locomotives
Mainlines East!
The Diesel Shop
Railroad Pictures & Postcards
The unoffical MBTA web site
The Locomotive Paintshop
The Boston Line
Railroad Central
Erie Lackawanna Video Clips
Rails USA
Amtrak & Frieght Trains
RXR Signals. An awesome web site about railroad crossing signals!
'The Railroad Video Web Site'

Dans Wigwag Crossing Signal Search (An Awesome Site About Wigwag Signals)

Just Trains

the Locomotive Cab release the airbrakes

Help Preserve This Historic Locomotive

Help Preserve This Locomotive !

Letter / Email Writers Needed !

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