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Thank you for your reply.


Yes, I agree with you. Evolution is incompatible with the belief in God and if true, God cannot also be true. Having said that, I do not agree that evolution is detrimental to humans.


1) Let me answer your questions.


1. Blood came first. Early organisms did not need a heart to pump the fluid that contained nutrients around their body.


2. Gills came first. Transitional form between fish and land animals had a transitory apparatus that allowed them to take little gasps of air outside the water for short periods of time.


This is a nice video:


How Fish Jumped out of the Water: Evolution of the Lung


3. Brains came first. Early organisms had very rudimentary brains and then they got larger and more complex. Then it became encased by a skull in some vertebrate lineages.


4. No. bodies developed symmetrically from symmetric fins on early fish. We first had four legs then 2 of the 4 legs became arms in the early hominid lineages.


5. During the origin of eukaryotic cells, when mitochondria were engulfed by the host cells, the host genome was bombarded by bacterial introns and increased mutation rate. So sex was the only mechanism that helped survival because it improved the efficiency of selection, allowing good genes to recombine away from the junk residing in the genetic backgrounds. That is the origin of sexual reproduction. It happened quite early at the eukaryote lineage .


Any more questions about evolution? I would recommend this very nice “summary” video:


Tree of Life video HD



2) Let me show you there is proof of evolution.


1. The fossil record combined with dating methods shows a radiating pattern of life in a tree-like fashion. Also, there are many transitional forms.


2. DNA evidence suggests common ancestry and the same radiating pattern.


3. Endogenous Retroviruses (ERVs) scattered in vertebrate genomes also show a clear radiating pattern of common ancestry. If not using evolution, how do you explain that?


4. Speciation has been observed experimentally.


5. Beneficial mutations have been observed experimentally (example:Adaptation to High and Low Temperatures by E. coli (Bennett, A.F., Lenski, R.E., & Mittler, J.E. (1992). Evolutionary adaptation to temperature I. Fitness responses of Escherichia coli to changes in its thermal environment. Evolution, 46:16-30.)).


6. The formation of the first cells is dealt with in abiogenesis. It is a theory separate from evolution. The first cells were either RNA replicases enveloped in a fatty acid bilayer or proteinaceous membranes with co-evolving RNA and protein. The formation of RNA has been demonstrated experimentally under pre-biotic condition. In other words, there is experimental proof that even under the early Earth’s conditions, RNA can form (



3) I would like to show you that according to a literal interpretation of the Bible, God is evil.


Leviticus 25

God says it’s okay to have slaves from other nations.


Genesis 3

God punishes ALL women with the pain of childbirth and subjugation to man just because of the sin of just 2 people.


Genesis 11

God intentionally confounds the languages of men to impair their communication.


Genesis 7

God murders the whole of humanity and kills all animals on earth except for Noah and co.


Exodus 11

God murders hundreds of children (first born).


Exodus 32

God punishes people for making a golden calf.


Judges 3:26-37

God helps Ehud kill lots of Moabites.


1 Kings 20:30

God kills Syrians by causing a wall to fall on them.


Ezekiel 9:6-7

God orders the killing of women and little children without pity.


1 Samuel 15

Samuel hewes Agag into pieces in front of God.


1 Samuel 15:1-3

God instructs the murder of women and children and animals.


Leviticus 24:10-17

God instructs the public stoning of a man who blasphemed.


2 Chronicles 21:12-16

God intentionally gives a person bowel disease.


Judges 16:26-33

God inspires Samson to kill men and women who weren’t attacking him.


2 Kings 2:23-25

God sends bears to rip up children for calling Elisha bald.



4) I would like to show you the Bible is scientifically incorrect.


Genesis 1

The formation of the universe is inaccurately described.

The Earth was formed after the sun, not the other way around.

Stars are described as “lights in the firmament of the heavens”. That is not correct.

The origin of animals and humans is incorrect.

The timescale of the formation of the universe is incorrect.

The origin of sexual dimorphism is incorrect.


Genesis 5

The longevity of early humans described is impossible.


Genesis 7

The global deluge described is impossible for several reasons.


Genesis 8

The repopulation of the Earth’s human and animal population on the ark is impossible for several reasons.


Leviticus 11:13-19

Bats are not birds.


And there are also some other scientific falsehood that I left out.



5) The religious claims of Abrahamic religions are a destructive belief system. They caused many wars and conflicts:


1. The crusades

2. Northern Ireland conflict

3. The Spanish inquisition.

4. The Israeli-Palestine conflict

5. Indo-Pakistani war

6. Domestic discrimination of religious minorities throughout history solely because of their religious beliefs. This includes the burning of innocent women as witches.

7. Christianity was the dominant system in the Dark Ages, one of the most brutal periods of history.

8. Islamic fundamentalism is one of the reasons for the scientific decline in the Islamic world.



6) I would like to show that atheism is a more healthy belief system.


1. Atheism correlates positively with IQ (

2. Only 5 % of scientists in the US believe in God ( and that is surely even smaller in Europe.

3. Atheist countries do better in indicators of social welfare.

4. In the US, church attendance is correlated with lower crime rate.



So I do not agree that evolution is bad. I think that the belief of God is surely worse than evolution, and evolution is true, whereas the belief in God (as he is depicted in the Bible) is probably not.