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DINOS HAVE MADE A MOVE-See Dino News Section for all the details of a Trade Waiting League Approval.

Dinos Complete Player Previews BY GREG ROSS




97 - 120


97 vs 120

Game Notes: The Dinos were out performed and Capetown shows why they are a legit contender for a WBA Title. 3 players over 20 points for Capetown.

Harry Kramer 17 Points to Lead Dinos

Mabruke 15-27 for 36 points to lead Bandits

107 vs 121

Game Notes:

Anyone that picked this win is lying. Upset in the true sense of the word. Not Like Oregon played badly ethier. This two teams made a deal and seems the Snowbears are happy for now.

Org: Stien 31 pts

AKA: Wu Dian fan 34 pts

121 vs 87

Game Notes:

Colorado shows you prove that what happens in the preseason is just like Vegas it stays in the preseason. Wild get a nasty wake up call at the hands of Samir Sheth and Company.

Col: Sheth 21pts

OMA: Watts 18pts

137 vs 121

Game Notes:

L I goes big. 5 players in double figures in a high paced high scoring affair. Mayhem were just that for any fans of defence look elsewhere there was nothing for you in this game.

LI: Stephenson 31pts

AND: Dovante Corrigan 29pts


Brooklyn 114 vs New York 119

Rochester 102 vs Boston 85

Charlotte 100 vs Miami 87

Paris 116 vs Budapest 109

Mexico City 94 vs Cincinatti 82

Nebraska 107 vs Sacremento 87

Cancun 102 vs Salt Lake 115

Baltimore 94 vs London 106

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Come be part of all the action be part of the pack supporting the WBA'S most exciting team your Toronto Dinos. lead by WBA ROOKIE OF THE YEAR WALT JACKSON. SEASON OPENER VS BUDAPEST TIGERS SOME TICKETS STILL AVAILABLE!!!

Chicks Dig DINOS

(WWE Women's Champion Toronto's Own Trish Stratus)



Toronto eliminated by Gabon Giants...Yee Leads Team In Preseason Scoring...Walt Jackson Starting to show his ROY form.....Toronto goes .500 for preseason...YEE INJURED IN FINAL PRE-SEASON GAME...EXPECT TO BE OUT TIL CANCUN GAME AT THE EARLIEST

Dinos Make A Deal-Click Here For All The Details



Greg Ross Report

The worst thing short of Walt Jackson getting injured happened to Toronto in there final exhibition game verus Anndorra. Yee Went down hard on his ankle and will now be out for 11 days according to team doctors.

This is not the type of news a team wants to hear right before they start a season that many think of them as legit contenders. But there seems to be more to it than just the injury. Walt Jackson has basically declared war on Anndorra. The Dinos meet up with them in a home and home series on days 5 and 6 of the schedule. Jackson said the following,"Those sorry SOB'S were trying to run up the score and played dirty. It was the last exhibition game not the WBA Finals. Hell it wasn't even the Finals of the preseason tournament. Well fine if that's how they want to play than will play that way. I thought punks like Bruce Bowen only played in the NBA.Guess I was wrong. Well I declare war on those stupid punks and Walt Jackson is going tear down their house brick by brick. The only bricks they have left is the ones that they shoot. It's on like Donky Kong so I can't wait to see them again."

Jackson is normally very friendly and out going this is totally out of charcter for him to just go off but he has exploded. There was more said but it can not be cleaned up enough to be published. What this will mean on the court is unclear as Jackson has not played since this blow up. Capetown will be the first to find out what this new more angry Walt Jackson will be like. It has certainly mad an other wise lack luster home and home series with Anndorra anything but now. The game verus Anndorra is a sell out in Toronto. This is good news from a marketing stand point but the loss of Yee will add pressure on other Dinos to pick up the slack including Jackson.

One place it may come from is rookie Geoffry Cladwell who has performed very nice in the pre season.Webster Hewlett will also be expect to produce.Coach Armstrong was still up beat and has the following to say" I don't like that kind of dirty play the highlanders pulled but we look at it as a chance to grow as a team. I think Walt being angry as he is will help the team have a common purpose. It is not how I would like to have seen it happen but this whole issue has brought the team closer together and created a real family type enviroment. Obvious losing are top scorer is not how I wanted to build team unity but apparently it has. I pity anyone guarding Walt Jackson until he gets his revenge on Anndorra. But I have made it clear to everyone revenge is winning not taking out someone on thier team."

Well in Walt Jackson words it's on like donkey kong starting tomorrow. Capetown Zulu entertain an angry pack of Dinos.


Toronto 5 Game Look Ahead

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vs Budapest(1-2)

vs Anndorra(2-1)

At Andorra(2-1)

VS New York (2-1)

VS Mexico City(1-2)



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Season Previews



many teams have taken the oppurtunity to move this offseason. As well as change nicknames and logos. Here is a look at the latest teams to sport a new look for season 11:

These are just some of the new looks out there in the WBA. New logos were the in thing this offseason but will it matter for the teams on the floor? I mean New York is still bad even with a fresh coat of paint right? New management may turn that around but a new logo won't be the reason. One thing is for sure lots of teams are trying to add revenue through merchandice sales. Could this lead to a bigger cap increase for next season? who knows well one man does thats the Commish.

WBA League Offices Rule On New Waiver Rules

The Following E-MAIL Was Released MAY 30th for league offices:

As many people have pointed out there are problems with the current waiver wire situation. So, I have listened to the suggestions and come up with the new rule which is pasted below. This is the permanent rule and should solve these sorts or problems. Sorry for all the trouble on this issue.Waiver wire: Players who are cut from a roster during the season or after free agency in the off-season will be placed on the waiver wire. Teams will have the opportunity to sign these players to a one year contract for half the value of their previous contract. If by Saturday there are no teams willing to sign the player the value of the contract will decrease by 10%. This will continue each week until the contract value is at the minimum value of $0.25 million. Teams are given priority on the waiver wire with the teams with the worst current record or previous season record (during the off-season)receiving preference.

Rondall Reynoso

WBA Commissioner


this is a new section of where we will here from all kinds of WBA people. No person is bigger than the man that runs the league and he sat down with's Greg Ross to chat about the state of WBA heading into Season 11. This is a must read for any WBA fan,player or staff member.Click below to read the interview that will shake up the WBA.Greg Ross has also started touring WBA Camps to get thoughts from management of the various teams. Check here to see the latest interviews leading into season 11:

The Top Man -Interview from May 26th with WBA Commisioner

Raiders Rule- Interview from May 29th Dave Williams talks about his Rochester Raiders

The Champs Were Here -Interview from May 29th with the defending WBA Champs Kevin Harper

High Expectations in Dino Nation -Interview from May 31st with Dino CEO James Borbath

Hope in NYC -Interview from May 31st with New Owner in New York

Pablo's World -Interview from May 31st with Boston CEO PABLO DEL PINO

3 RINGS -Interview from June 1st with WBA Legend Pat Fullum

Howdy,Paris -Interview from June 1st with Gustavo Follana

Rebuilding or Not??? -Interview from June 2nd with Brandon Morfield

Big Changes!!!Big Success??? -Interview from June 1st with Tim Richards

Poor Snowbears!!! -Interview from June 3rd with Robert Williams

Unleash The Beast -Interview from June 3rd with Brad Bangerter

Devonte Sthal will prevent a fall? -Interview from June 4th with Kelly Avery

Interviews with:Brooklyn,Budapest and Capetown have been scheduled.all are in the process of being conducted so look for those very soon. As well we continue to conduct interviews so if you would like to see Greg Ross please contact the dino organization to schedule an interview!!!

Thoughts from The Front Office

By James Borbath Toronto Dinos C E O

July 19th 2005

Well 20 games into the season and quite honestly we have failed to provide the type of excitment that you fans deserve. I can give you a list of excuses as to why things have not worked out but that is not what you the fans want to hear. But I still have faith in most of the people we have and believe long term we have made some solid moves that will help us be a great franchise. We are active in the search for answers and are expoloring ways to improve. We will never stop in that effort and although on some nights it may not look like it everyone is working hard to change things in fact maybe to hard. We never bought into all the hype about us being so good so fast but we do feel that we are better than what we have produced to this point of the season. We are committed to are ong term future and will not look to stray from that the young stars we have will improve as Toronto Dinos not on some other team we are committed to that. So if anyone thinks guys like Walt Jackson or Simeon Hill are being shopped around I can assure you they are not. Any deal we make will not intfer with the long term goals of this franchise. We will continue to work hard to find the answers and deliver more wins like we had over Paris. That is proof that this team can compete with anyone and we need to do it more consistantly. Have patientce and stick with us we won't let you down!!!








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Job Description: Someone who will write a brief recap of the featured games in the WBA Scoreboard Section. basically pointing out anything of note from the featured games. You will be provided with a list of the days games that will be featured.

Anyone interested please get in touch with us. If you have something else you feel could add to the site by all means contact us as well. However the 2 listed jobs are what we require at the moment.


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