Chevy Bush? Bush Chase? You make the decision.


Is it just me or does President Bush have way too much in common with Chevy Chase? Think about it. Chase has never made a good movie, and remarkably, neither has Bush. Bush has become wildy unpopular as of late, and coincidentaly, Chevy has always been wildy unpopular. They are both horribly inept, and yet make large sums of money regardless of their obvious lack of talent. Neither job requires an IQ above room temperature, and they even look somewhat similar. Face it people, Bush and Chase are one and the same. When he's not making preemptive strikes against third world countries, he's busy making horrible B class movies used to torture Iraqi P.O.W.'s. Talk about cruel and unusual punishment. Anyone who doesn't see this connection should be hung by their fingernails and beaten repeatedly. Another stunning American conspiracy exposed by yours truly.