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Pete and Bitch and their babies!

the following pictures were taken November 19, 2002.

WE HAVE BABIES!!!! My first sugar glider never got nice so I decided to go out and get another not so nice one so that they could atleast pay for themselves. Finally after much waiting the babies were born and have been in the pouch, they came out of the pouch at 10:00pm on November 19th, 2002.
Sugar Gliders are arboreal (tree-dwelling) marsupials that live in forests and rainforests of Australia, Tasmania, New Guinea, and some nearby islands.
The sugar glider has two thin, wing-like flaps of skin that span from the fifth finger to the first toe on each side of the body. The membrane allows this small animal to glide long distances through the air, from tree to tree. Using its powerful hind legs, the sugar glider can launch itself from tall trees and glide over 165 ft. The long tail helps steer and stabilize the animal during flight.
The sugar glider is about 8 inches long, plus a tail about the same length. adults weigh from 4 to 5.7 ounces. The coat is blue-gray with a dark stripe running along the back. The belly is pale-gray to cream-colored. The female sugar glider has a pouch in which her young (often twins) develop and eat.

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