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Welcome to my site.

this is the place where I make available some pieces of code that somehow I've ended making...
may be some others will make proper use of them... I'm not sure that I've made proper use of anything btw, but that's another story...

Some quick hints of the contents:

Zebedee port to android

This package ports Zebedee code (jzbd java version) to the android platform.
All android versions since 2.1 to at least 4.2.

mobipocket notes file extractor

This package reads a .mbp file, which are the files that store user added information to any of the file formats that "mobipocket reader" can read.
It can be used to extract your notes from it.
let's see it now!

fresh images supervisor

Imagine that you're downloading tons of images... they arrive regularly to one specific folder... and you'd like to supervise their contents (preview each image's thumbnail, or even view in full format a particular one at the very moment it arrives) whilst working in something more important... what could you do?
This little script will bring up a little window in which new images arriving to a directory will be showed timely as a thumbnail... The window will stay on top of any other active window, and you can just click on it in order to open the image you're watching with your favorite app... great!
but... it's written in Perl + GTK2 for Windows... omgwtfbbq!!!

  • advantages: it'd be easy usable in both windows and linux.
  • disadvantages: in windows, you oughta install ActivePerl + GTK2.
    (oh, I haven't used it in linux... so some adjustments will be needed).
Anyway, if you're reading this, probably you wanted to install Perl anyway, you just didn't know it ;)
let's see it now!

do u have a D-LINK DSL router && you're using mrtg?

If both apply, then you'd have already probably noticed a strange behaviour of some of these (and maybe other similar) appliances: their snmp server reports traffic correctly, until 1Gbyte is reached, at which point it decreases the count to 100 000, and starts adding "1" by every "10" ... strange, straNge...
So, I made this little script for mrtg which patches this behaviour...little script for mrtg
The tgz file contains a readme filereadme inside the tgz file explaining how to use my code.
Contents are formatted for *nix (carriage returns), but it'll run also in windows.


this is my old project... p2p, incomplete files, reverse engineering...
click here in order to see what was it all about...