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Public Forum Debate(Ted Turner Debate)(Controversy)



~ The following section is a direct rip off from the NFL website. I have retyped it so you can see it in a format other than PDF. The link below will take you to PDF, and will show you what a ballot looks like.

*Topics are from current news stories - easily researched in news magazines and online.
*A topic lasts only one month. No student gets left behind if they are in other activities. (ie a football player may start in December with a new topic).
*Like a football game the contest begins with a coin flip. the winner of the toss may select the side, OR select the speaker order (begin the debate or have the last speech). The loser of the toss chooses the option that the winner did not pick.

PLEASE NOTE: The negative may begin the debate as first speaker and argue against the topic.

Team A ~ Speaker 1 = 4 minutes
Team B ~ Speaker 1 = 4 minutes

Crossfire (between A1 & B1) = 3 minutes

Team A ~ Speaker 2 = 4 minutes
Team A ~ Speaker 2 = 4 minutes

Crossfire (between A2 & B2) = 3 minutes

A1 Summary = 2 minutes
B1 Summary = 2 minutes

Grand Crossfire (all speakers participate) = 3 minutes

A2 Last Shot = 1 minute
B2 Last Shot = 1 minute

2 minutes of prep time per team
35 minutes of total time

*The CX periods are crossfire periods (like the TV show Crossfire on CNN) and both speakers may ask and answer questions in a polite but argumentative exchange. (The first question asked is to the speaker who just finished). There is also a Grand Crossfire for all four debaters.

*The "last shot" is a last desperate attempt to "grasp victory from the jaws of defeat." Each last shot speaker has one minute to present the one (and only one) argument s/he thinks will win the debate.

*TTD is audience and media debate. The speaking must be very communicative. All judges must be ordinary citizens -- no debate coaches (unless they are classroom teachers), no college or ex-college debaters.

*No plan, counterplan, on kritiks, no spread, and no spew are allowed.

*Each NFL district will offer a TTD contest and the winning team will qualify for Nationals.
~No student in TTD may double enter at the district or national tournament (but may enter district Congress).
~Each school may enter Up to four teams. One team is free and above quota. Other teams count against quota.

Ted Turner Debate (Controversy)

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