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Greeley Central High School Forensics

Last Update = 2/21/14 at 11:00 am

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It is almost time for State Qualifiers, State and National Qualifiers!!!

ATTENTION INTERPERS: I need you to look in your car, closet, room, under your bed, in your bathroom, in the couch cushions, and anywhere else you can possibly look and find me missing scripts. The team cannot afford to replace the copies that you have lost. I loaned these out on an honor system and NOBODY has brought them back to me.

If you are interested in competing for Greeley Central Forensics, please feel free to contact Frenchie and sign up for Competitive Speech 1 (LAN 116) for next year. We welcome new talent and are looking forward to another great season. YOU MUST BE IN THE CLASS TO BE ON THE TEAM. If you have scheduling issues, please still come talk to me so we can work things out!

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Office of Human Resources
Weld County School District 6
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