Anne Bremner; making the law pretty again!!

She is made from the steel recovered from ground zero.
....We didn't forget!!! May 1, 2011.....

Enter ~ the egoboy universe!!!

don't hate him because he is so incrediably beautiful
and lives in the most wonderful city
in the greatest state of
the most superlative nation of all human history...ok? OK!

Seattle; city of culture,
centre of egoboy worship
19.02.2011: currently clearing land for "confabulation nation" a feature suggested by some Seattle Greek Goddess Chic.... Queen Anne Cam courtesy of SeattleInsider! Newer and better than ever!
The heavens in Seattle, an ever changing, very amazing,and living tapestry that carresses the seasons of man and is no coincidence that home town favorite son, Jimi Hendrix, wrote a song with the lyrics 'SCUSE ME WHILE I KISS THE SKY' (from 'Purple Haze'.)

Tres' Groovey egoboy metro destinations

strap your wings on!

polish ford 1939. First to fight! Robert's fun! with military and civilian miniatures!!

language tree, where the talking sticks come from!
Chippewa Language Book

seattle traffic
The Grey Pages, examples of egoboy thoughts that aren't quite sharp enough to be considered black or white.

egoboy 'splains (it all), egoboy's big ideas page gallery...from his egoboyness' private open !

queen anne citizens conducting blockwatch

Queen Anne Citizens / Coe Mt. Pleasant Block Watch, still figuring out what it wants to be. (A community service site designed by egoboy.)

Charlotte Dunlap? (Not really, "Rebuilding the lost pages even as you read this...!" ) İ

..just another (handsomest man in the universe) face on the bus.....

You are drooling, groveling, self-effacing egoboy worshiper number


No ugly people were harmed in the making of this website.

img Memorial Sites I recommend!!! People I never met in life, but who continue to thrive in the cyberlands!!!! Remember. Remembering is good!!!

For some reason, out of nowhere, the desire to know more about the victims of the Rhode Island club fire sent me looking across the internet. One person I found was, and remains, amazing! Click the image of the shadowy angel to visit "41" and meet Nicky

The Life of Jos Claerbout. Yet another wonderful memorial site! This one for a fallen young god of early webtv. He had brains AND could sew!

ok. I have succumbed to the blogo-sphere. Not too early to be pretentious. Not too late to be useless. As time provides the opprotunity I will be migrating most of the commentary from this nav page to a suitable dusty archive on my blog. Since I am still learning how to hold a book right side up the blog controls are proving themselves somewhat archane, so please don't bet your life savings on my immediate mastery of blogification and the rapid change of this egoboy fan site. ( I am my own biggest fan.)
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For the twitter-happy, try egoboydotcom, the young rapscallion Michael Egoboy Holdcroft, is, again faster on the jump than this seasoned (and handsomer) interweb vet.