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In the solitude of loneliness

Fear grasped it's hold on me

Growing pangs of tears not cried

Flowed to intensity.

If only to me a Savior would come

Sparing me from this pain

I know  that I could face tomorrow

And all the suffering was not in vain.

For when the Sunrise enters

Bidding farewell to the night

My Saviors arms are lifting me

Helping my soul take flight.

Let the sunlight wash me

And free me from this cold

Say goodbye to times gone by

For I shall never walk alone.

Let My Savior's arms lift me

Give me strength to face the day

Let My Savior walk with me

I shall never be afraid

The morning light has broken

Night has faded away

My Savior has not forsaken me

He  brought me to this day



MARCH 2004