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Rules and Regulations

All members of WMA are required to undergo a qualification process which includes a proficiency test, interview, and criminal background check. There are also a number of other requirements that must be met to qualify and participate in the organization. What follows are the current rules and regulations that all members agree to abide by.


The name of the organization shall be "Whitetail Management Associates or WMA, "WMA South" is our southern half run by it's own President, the County requires them to hunt under WMA rules.


WMA was formed to help local landowners, governments and municipalities deal with whitetail deer overpopulation problems in a safe, natural, humane manner; to educate the general public about ethical bowhunting practices; to further the positive image of bowhunting to the non-hunting public, and to treat our wild resources with the respect and compassion they deserve.


Please review these Bylaws and Rules carefully to determine if you are interested in making application.

Membership in the Association is by invitation only. Membership is a privilege, not an entitlement nor a right. Application does not guarantee acceptance. Due to the unique nature of the Association's activities, not everyone is suited for membership, nor is everyone who applies chosen.

Members are retained on an "at will" basis, meaning that membership is for no specific length. Both members and the Association retain the right to terminate a relationship at any time, for any reason.

When selecting new members, the Association must weigh a multitude of factors in determining the suitability of a particular applicant. Ethics, attitude, and personal goals are of great importance to the continued success of the Association and the advancement of our stated purpose. As such, these factors weigh heavily in the membership selection process.

The Association further expects members to devote the majority of their available hunting time to the program. If an applicant wishes to hunt other private areas he is strongly discouraged from applying for membership.

The Association reserves the right to not renew the membership privileges of any member who, in the opinion of the Association, and based upon information provided by the particular member?s Group Leader, is not acting in accordance with the stated purpose, rules, and intentions of the organization.

Section 1 - Membership Classes

  1. The Regular Membership of the Association shall be composed of adults age 18 and over who have successfully completed the application requirements, are interested in wildlife conservation, the image of the hunting and shooting sports, and who have a sincere desire to help remediate whitetail deer overpopulation problems in suburban areas.
  2. The Junior Membership of the Association shall be composed of young adults age 12-18 who have successfully completed the application requirements, are interested in wildlife conservation, the image of the hunting and shooting sports, and who have a sincere desire to help remediate whitetail deer overpopulation problems in suburban areas. Junior members must be sponsored for membership by a regular member. A junior member shall automatically enter the regular membership upon his/her 18th birthday, junior members are not required to pay dues.

Section 2 - Requirements for Application

Applicants for both the regular and junior class must meet the following minimum requirements to be eligible to apply for membership in the Association:

  1. Applicants must have successfully completed a National Bowhunter Education Foundation (NBEF) safety course prior to the first day of the Regular Archery Season, and must submit a copy of their NBEF card for record keeping purposes.
  2. Applicants must have harvested a minimum of 3 big game animals with bow and arrow.
  3. Applicants must provide photographic proof of qualifying harvests at the testing session.
  4. Applicants are not permitted to claim membership in any similar organization(s) while making application to or as a member of WMA.

Section 3 - Requirements for Membership

Applicants who meet the above minimum application requirements must successfully:

  1. Complete a proficiency test as outlined below. Three arrows fitted with the archer's hunting broadheads shall be shot at three (3) 3-D deer targets set at random distances, the maximum distance being 20 yards. Field points are not permitted. Expandable or mechanical broadheads must have a minimum of 7/8" cutting surface in fixed closed position at all times in accordance with Pennsylvania Laws.

    Shots must be placed in the "kill zone". IBO scoring methods are applicable. Shooting results will be recorded by the Rangemaster on a whitetail deer illustration and will be confirmed via signature by the applicant. Any disputed shots will be decided by the Rangemaster.

  2. Complete an interview with an Association representative.
  3. Successfully complete a criminal background check and game law violation check. Any applicant convicted under the provisions of the Pennsylvania Game Law shall be considered ineligible for membership in the Association. The Association and Officials of the applicable municipality(s) reserve the right to accept or reject any applicant for any reason.

Applicants selected for membership shall also complete the following:

  1. New members are required to complete in full an application and registration form.
  2. New members are required to read and sign a release form.
  3. Annual dues of each active member shall be paid in full by June 1st of the calendar year. (see Article V). Any member not paying their dues by June 1st shall be considered delinquent in membership for the calendar year and shall be dropped from the membership rolls.
  4. Members must possess a minimum of four (4) Allegheny County antlerless deer permits no later than October 1st.

Section 4 ? Suspension and/or Expulsion of Members

Any member (excluding the President) may be suspended from the Association by the President, Vice President, or a Program Director. The member charged with suspension or expulsion, accompanied by any witnesses, has the right to be present to defend him/herself against any charges at a meeting of the Leadership Committee. Said member may be expelled from the Association by a 2/3 majority vote of the Committee.


Because of the unique nature of the Associations activities, as well as the Associations desire to provide opportunity to as many qualified applicants as possible, the following procedures shall be followed when determining member recruitment, activation, and placement.

Section 1 - Recruitment, Activation, and Placement.

Section 2 - Special Conditions Related to Public Properties.

When Association members are placed on publicly held properties, the following additional conditions shall be enforced:

Members who devote substantial time and effort to the program, as detailed by log books and Group Leader reports, will be retained automatically for the upcoming hunting season. A maximum of 2/3 of these members shall be retained and automatically placed in active hunting areas. These selections will be made by the appropriate Program Director. Individual harvest rates will not play a role in this selection. The remaining 1/3 of the members, grouped according to chosen municipality, will be placed in a lottery with new or inactive applicants.


The Association dues structure for all members shall be as follows:
Regular members shall be required to pay annual dues of $70.00.
Junior members will not be required to pay annual dues.

The President reserve the right, at any time, to alter the annual membership dues as may be required to ensure the proper operation of the Association.

Because the Association may not have active hunting areas for all qualified members at all times, any members not actively hunting will be exempt from the dues requirements until they are assigned hunting areas. These members will be permitted to begin hunting immediately after notification, or when specifically instructed, and will have 10 days from date of notification of activation to pay dues or they will be removed from active participation and return to "inactive" status.


Because of the purpose and somewhat unique parameters that we are required to operate under, the Association shall be operated under the direction of a President, Vice President, and at least 12 Group leaders, as appointed by the President and Vice President.


Section 1 - Duties of the President

The President shall oversee and coordinate the day-to-day operations and activities of the Association, and shall preside at all Association meetings, functions, and activities. The President shall have the power to expend the necessary money for regular Association operations and expenses normally incurred in Association functions.

The President shall be the main point of contact for municipal inquiries concerning the Association. The President shall have final authority in matters of differing opinion, and his decision shall be final and binding. The President shall be the main point of contact for media relations as they relate to the Association. The President shall be exempt from term limits.

Section 2 - Duties of the Vice President

The Vice President shall perform the duties of the President in his absence, and shall perform all duties as may be required to assist the President in the proper operation of the Association.

The Vice President shall be appointed by the President, and shall be exempt from term limits.

Section 3 - Group Leaders

The Directors and some appointed Group Leaders, hereafter referred to as "The Committee", shall consist of at least nine (9) members in good standing selected by the President & Vice President. Group Leaders shall be exempt from term limits. Any committee member having three (3) or more unexcused absences from successive Committee Meetings may be removed from office by a 2/3 vote of the remaining committee members.

Section 4 - Duties of the Municipal Program Directors

The position of Municipal Program Director is one of great importance as related to both image and efficiency. The Program Director shall act as the primary point of contact for the day-to-day operations within a specific municipality. As such, the Program Director must realize the importance of a positive, upbeat, professional attitude when dealing with municipal leaders. There shall be one (1) Program Director for each municipality, and he shall be appointed by the President.

The Program Director shall maintain a working relationship with the municipality personnel assigned to assist with the program. Other duties shall include obtaining maps of the areas to be hunted, establishing suitable hunting areas, determining the number of hunters required, assigning hunters to their areas, scheduling meetings and work details for members in his program, overseeing all day-to-day activities in the municipality as they relate to the Association?s program, attend all municipal meetings as required, and addressing any concerns or questions that municipal leaders may have.

The Program Director is required to have hunting area maps approved by municipal leaders and the President before releasing them to members. The Program Director shall, at his discretion and with the approval of the President, be permitted to assume responsibility for the hunters in his area and reduce the number of Group Leaders required. He shall also give the President a detailed verbal report each week as to activities in his area.

Section 5 - Duties of the Group Leaders

The Group Leaders shall be appointed by their respective Presidnet & Vice President.

The Group Leaders shall be responsible for overseeing the actions of the members in their assigned areas. They shall be responsible for disseminating information to their assigned members in an expedient manner, and shall maintain an ongoing dialogue with these members. They shall address their assigned members concerns, and if required consult with their Program Director concerning problems. The Group Leaders shall see that their assigned members are acting in accordance with Association rules, and are obligated to report any infractions to the President.

The Group Leaders shall keep their Program Directors well informed of actions and developments in their respective areas through weekly verbal communications.


Each committee shall consist of a Chairman and two (2) or more committee members. Committee members shall be selected by the Committee Chairmen, or if required, shall be jointly selected and appointed by the President. Committee Chairmen shall have the authority to chair and direct the committee, and shall make all presentations and recommendations of their respective committee to the President.

Committee Chairman shall not have the authority to set policy as related to their committee interests, nor are they empowered to represent the Association in any manner to any persons, agencies, municipalities, or other interests except in the stated capacity and function of their committee purposes.

Section 1 - The Sportsmen Liaison Committee

The Sportsmen Liaison Committee shall be responsible for developing an effective, sensitive method of introducing the Association?s purpose and philosophies to sportsmen?s organizations local to any municipalities taking part in the Association program. It shall be the responsibility of the committee to determine which sportsmen?s clubs are local to said municipalities, and it shall be the responsibility of the committee to initiate and maintain communication with these organizations.

The committee shall establish and maintain a positive dialogue with these sportsmen?s organizations, and shall visit each club a minimum of once each year with the purpose of performing a presentation about the Association for the club?s members, and answering any questions about the Association that may arise.

The committee shall also be responsible for notifying these sportsmen?s organizations of upcoming testing sessions a minimum of 45 days in advance. The committee chairman shall receive appropriate written information and flyers concerning the testing session from the Secretary.


The following Rules and Regulations are designed to ensure the safety of the residents in areas being hunted, as well as to maximize the projected harvest.

They are NOT meant to be all-inclusive of what constitutes proper conduct and behavior by our membership, but are offered to express the philosophy of the Association.

As a member of WMA you are expected to view these Rules and Regulations in the spirit intended, and are expected to act in the best interests of the Association at all times.

Read the following Rules carefully; they detail the procedures that all members must follow. Members are expected to conform to all Regulations. All Rules and Regulations must be strictly adhered to.


The following Rules and Regulations are developed by the President and County reps. in conjunction with involved municipalities and private property owners. In order to maintain the integrity and purpose of the Association, these Rules and Regulations may only be modified by the President and/or the municipal representatives.


Any required permits or authorization papers will be furnished to the archer by the Association prior to the commencement of the hunt. The archer must return these papers to the Association at the conclusion of the hunt or face the loss of future membership privileges.

  1. All archers shall be required to carry some form of personal identification as required by the PA State Game Laws.
  2. All members can only belong to one deer management program at the same time.
  3. All archers shall, at all times, display in a separate back tag holder the permit issued by the Association and validated by the municipality. This registration tag shall be displayed in the same manner as the archer's hunting license(s). Any permit not properly validated by the municipality shall be considered void.
  1. Only vehicles registered in accordance with Association requirements shall be permitted to be used during any hunt.
  2. When required by the Association or the municipality, all vehicles shall display a WMA North identification placard while the occupant is scouting or hunting. Placards will be provided by the Association. All placards must be returned at the conclusion of the hunt; members not returning parking placards will face possible loss of future membership privileges.
  3. Parking shall be permitted at designated areas only.
  1. General Regulations

    Obey all Pennsylvania Game Laws.

    All members are obligated to report any violations of the game law or Association rules and regulations by another member to your Group Leader. Failure to do so will imply consent of the illegal activity, and members who fail to speak up will be disciplined. This includes violations or trespassing by individuals other than Association members.

    If you are stopped or checked by a police officer while hunting, entering, or exiting the woods you are required to notify your Program Director AND the President of the incident as soon as possible.

    ALL FIRST YEAR MEMBERS: An antlered deer may be harvested only after at least one antlerless deer has been harvested. Keep in mind that the purpose of the program is game management, not trophy hunting.

    Unless otherwise instructed, Association members are permitted to harvest whitetail deer only.

    All hunters are required by the Association to keep an accurate, up-to-date log of all time spent afield. The log must include at a minimum dates, game harvested, and time of harvest. The log books will be collected at the end of each archery season by the member?s Group Leader, and will be returned before commencement of the next season.

    All archers are required to wear a safety belt at all times while hunting. This includes ascent and descent. Be smart, not a statistic!

    Use of a flashlight or some form of illuminating device when entering or exiting the woods in the dark is required.

    Blaze orange must be worn and/or displayed in accordance with Pennsylvania Game Laws.

    No member shall be permitted to remove, damage, alter or destroy any belongings occurring on any landowners property. This includes but is not limited to foliage, crops and plantings.

    Each participant shall be assigned one hunt area. You are required to remain in your assigned area at all times. You are permitted to trade areas with another member or "share" an area only with prior permission of the President or Vice President.

    Do not litter.

  2. Tree Stands.

    All hunting shall take place from elevated tree stands. Tree stands shall be of the non-damaging type, and shall be placed a minimum of 8 feet above the base of the tree that the stand is placed in.

    All portable "hang-on" tree stands left in the woods must have at least the lowest eight feet of climbing aid removed from the tree when not in use. If using climbing sticks, remove the lower section. If using tie-on tree steps, remove the lower steps. This is to ensure that children, etc. are not able to climb and fall from the stand or steps.

    All portable tree stands left in the woods must bear the owners name and membership number inscribed on a piece of white tape and covered with a piece of protective clear tape. This identification should be visible from the ground (placed on the underside of the stand). Tree stands not properly identified are subject to removal and will be turned over to the Pennsylvania Game Commission.

    Permanent tree stands are not permitted.

    Screw in tree steps are not permitted.

  3. Field Care and Handling of Deer.

    Unless otherwise directed, animals are not permitted to be field dressed in the woods. All animals will be handled at a pre-approved location.These instructions effective 02/18/01 include all areas. Under no circumstances are "gut piles" or their remnants permitted to be left in the woods.

    Harvested deer must be checked in at the designated location the same day they are harvested. After completing the log in form, dispose of the entrails in the designated location.

    Harvested animals may not be visible during transport in the municipality or anywhere within Allegheny County Park boundaries. Successful archers are encouraged to donate at least every third deer harvested to the Hunters Sharing The Harvest program. The Association has made arrangements with a processor for this and will pay the costs of processing and storage.

    All wounded animals must be tracked to a successful conclusion. If the animal moves to private property, you are required to notify the local police department and your Group Leader before tracking the animal any further.

    If you shoot an animal and are unable to locate it, notify your Group Leader immediately.

    If you shoot an animal and the animal moves to or dies in a conspicuous area such as a field, grove, or roadway:

    If the animal is dead, remove it immediately from the area and contact your Program Director immediately. If he is not available, contact the President or the Vice President.

    If the animal is not dead, extreme discretion is required. If non-hunters, bystanders or park users are in the area, do not attempt to "finish off" the animal. Leave immediately and contact the county police. Notify the President or the Executive Director immediately. If you are certain that there is no one in the immediate area, dispatch the animal and remove it immediately. Notify your Program Director of the incident.

  4. Stalking, Still hunting, Drives.

    Stalking and/or still hunting is not permitted at any time.

    Shooting from the ground is not permitted at any time, except to finish off a wounded animal.

    "Early Season" drives are not permitted on public properties. Late season drives are permitted provided the following conditions are met:
    All posters must be in tree stands. Ground posting is not permitted. Walkers or drivers are not permitted to carry a weapon at any time and must display there hunting liscense. Members are required to obtain the consent of all hunters whose areas will be driven prior to the drive(s), whether the member is hunting or not. If the member is not hunting in the area, you are not permitted to assume that a drive is allowed, and are not permitted to enter that person?s area.

  5. Arrows Used for Hunting.

    All arrows used during the hunt must carry a unique identification code assigned to each specific hunter by the Association. Marking shall be accomplished by means of an indelible marker on at least one vane or the shaft.

    All arrows must be accounted for. Members are required to notify their Group Leader of all lost, missing or unrecovered arrows.

  6. Interaction with the public and media.

    You are a representative of Whitetail Management Associates and the sport of bowhunting. As such, treat everyone you meet with courtesy and respect. At some point you will encounter someone who opposes your presence. DO NOT ENGAGE IN ARGUMENTS OR BECOME ABUSIVE, even if verbally assaulted. Leave the area immediately, contact the President and inform him of the incident.

    Occasionally hunters are approached by the media looking for comments or photo opportunities. Members are not authorized or permitted to represent the Association to any media outlet in any manner. Refer all parties with questions and comments to the President.

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