In August of 2006, Westmont High School’s Drama Department will be representing the United States of America at the American High School Theatre Festival as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland!


The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is the largest arts festival in the world attracting a half-million people. For three electric weeks, Scotland's majestic capital is transformed into a magical, unpredictable, thrilling world which features unrivaled enthusiasm of its participants and the boundless energy of its performers and audiences. The city bursts at the seams, as Edinburgh Scotland becomes the largest stage in the world and every theatre, church hall, sports Centre, and pub plays host to it's own array of international performers.


Since 1994, The American High School Theatre Festival has been integrating American schools into the world's largest performing arts spectacular, allowing our nation's finest drama students to showcase their skills within an international forum.




Schools winning the honor to represent the United States in Edinburgh as part of AHSTF, participate in the following program:


London... The journey begins

*          Round Trip Airfare

*          Guided Tour of London on Chartered Motorcoach

*          Three Nights London Accommodations

*          Two Meals Daily

*          2 West End Theatre Performances

*          On-Site Staffing

*          Private Chartered Train from London to Edinburgh

*          Tube/Bus Pass


Edinburgh... The world stage

*          Half-day guided sightseeing in Edinburgh

*          Full-day countryside trip on chartered motorcoaches

*          Four Performance Slots at AHSTF's International venue

*          Two Meals Daily - On Site Staffing

*          Professional Technical Support before and during the Fringe

*          Ten Nights Accommodations in Edinburgh

*          AHSTF Welcome Reception and post program Awards Ceremony

*          Admission to Military Tattoo on the grounds of the Edinburgh Castle





For our part in this theatrically intense extravaganza, I will choose a show I am very familiar with to take to the festival based on those students who can afford to go.  The show will rehearse over the summer and perform here for an audience before we leave. The show will be performed four times at the Festival.




The info. mtg. for Grease will be Tuesday, September 13 from 6:30-7:30.  Immedietly following that meeting, will be a Scotland info. meeting for parents and their students from 7:30-9:00.




We will leave for New York on Monday, July 31, 2006, departing for London shortly thereafter.  We will return on Monday, August 14, 2006.




The tuition for the two-week trip is $4548

We are adding an extra day in London =  $218


TOTAL Trip cost: $4,766


As of 1/12/06, we are taking 41 students to the Festival, at $4,766 each

Westmont's total student tuition is: $195,406. 

Our goal is to fundraise half of each student's tuition: $97,703

Leaving each participating student with a $2,383 tuition.




Wed., September 21                $300                Non-refundable deposit.


Thursday, October 20              $300                Payment

Tuesday, November 22            $300                Payment

Tuesday, January 4                  $400                Payment (or $1,000)


Wednesday, February 1          $375                Payment

Wednesday, March 1              $375                Payment (or $750)


Wednesday, March 29            $375                Payment

Wednesday, April 26               $375                Payment (or $750)


Monday, June 12                     $(2,000)?         Balance


     Our fundraising goal is just that - a goal and not a reality.  Parents must understand that when they make the initial non-refundable $300 deposit, they are committing to pay the entire cost of the trip.

     Cancellations made between January 31, 2006 and May 31, 2006 will result in a retention of 25% of the total program fee for that participant.

     Cancellations made between June 1, 2006 and June 30, 2006 will result in a retention of 65% of the total program fee for that participant.

     There will be no refunds for last minute cancellations.

     The last day to make substitutions is May 3, 2006.




US Citizens require a valid passport for entry into all European countries.  Neither visas nor inoculations are required for US citizens.  Your airline ticket MUST match your passport name.