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Wasteland-X RPG

The end of the world has occurred, or is it the beginning?

A single madman with a clever mind began a war, a war which never happened, but which did happen. Missiles fired from everywhere to attack non-existant targets, often inside their own country of origin. The madman, whose name was never known but who will be known for as long as is possible, was killed by his own virus which set him as one of the non-existant targets. Armies marched and few survived. Cities became rubbel in an instant. The war ended moments after it began but lasted years longer as the virus, and human nature, ran its course. In this way, the world ended.

Through the wastelands, though, one saying became a reality, though: "Life finds a way." Years passed since the world ended. Nature reclaimed land which had been stolen by humanity and the world became a savage land. Survivors learned to adapt or die. Civilization was dead and buried, but not forgotten. A couple million years ago, the world was made up primarily of deserts, jungles, oceans, and tundras. Now, it was yet again. The living moved beyond the dead and resumed living. In this way, the world began.

Chaos reigns, but out of chaos can come order if justice can shine through anarchy. The world is a harsh place, and even harsher for those attempting to regain civilization. Chaos is always present, but the war caused Order to weaken, thus allowing Chaos to grow and rule unchecked.

In the Southwest of what had formerly been the United States, the area had been reclaimed by the desert, but not entirely. Cities had been ruined and destroyed, but not entirely. Where cities had been left in ruins, they were beginning to be reclaimed. Cities like San Diego, Los Angeles, Reno, Las Vegas, and others found life begin to grow in them once more. But it is a harsh life and Chaos is strong. Order and Justice cries out for someone, anyone, to come to its aid. Will you answer that call?.

Welcome to the one and only website for Wasteland-X. This game is played through the Yahoo Groups and is also known as PbeM or Play By E-Mail games. However, this game can also be played from the Yahoo Board. But, you'll need a Yahoo account to do that.

This game is a unique combination of the computer game Wasteland, Mad Max, and the X-Men (No copyright infringment is intended, we're not making money off this). Here the X-Men have taken up a new mantle, that of the Rangers, a force to bring justice to the lawless chaos that the world has fallen into.

Please look over the game's rules. Some are common sense, some specific, but all of them make the game run smooth and enjoyable for everyone.

Here we have our current cast of characters.Here we have our current characters. Please give them a look over and take your time to fill out our Bioform and send it to me.

So, after looking everything over, you'd like to join us. We'd love to have you. You can join us by either going to the Yahoo site, or by clicking the button below.

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