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Kenco's WoT Theories

A list of all the quotes used in the theories (not currently operational, coming soon)

After Tarmon Gai'don - 7k There are numerous prophecies that hint at the future of the world after Tarmon Gaidon. This theory attempts to gather them together logically and draw some tentative conclusions.
Quotes Referenced: 14

A Complete Discussion of Taimandred - 30k  From the moment Mazrim Taim is introduced in book 6, he exhibits highly suspicious behaviour. The theory is broken up into chunks that deal with each part of his behaviour. We have also included the most common arguments against Taimandred as well as our rebuttals.
Quotes Referenced: 35

The Exact Time Since the Sealing - 9k On close inspection of The Guide, it becomes apparent that Ishamael wasn't completely sealed in the bore with the other Forsaken. In fact, we can find the exact times that he was periodically released and resealed! We can use this to find the exact time since the Sealing of the Bore.
Quotes Referenced: 13

All You Need to Know About Jain Farstrider - 14k Although the characters don't know it, Jain Farstrider's character has actually made several appearances in WoT already. Several references to an "old man" in book 7 turn out to be the same person, as well as "Noal Charin" from Book 9.
Quotes Referenced: 27

The Identity of Setalle Anan - 8k Who is the mysterious character of Setalle Anan? The last pieces of the puzzle came together in book 9, which lead to a positive ID of "the one who is no longer."
Quotes Referenced: 18

The Identiy of Anath - 4k Suspicion clouds Anath like Mazrim Taim, and for good reason too. Who is she? Here's a Hint: The Dark One beats her when there's a sun shower:)
Quotes Referenced: 19

Why Taim = Demandred - 10k Made obsolete by the Taimandred Debate above, this was the original version. It's kept here only for completeness, and perhaps as a reminder that we all start small.
Quotes Referenced: 11

A Comparison Between Taimandred and Dashiva = Osan'gar - 9k In order to defend the circumstantial evidence used in Taimandred, we draw parallels to Taimandred and Dashan'gar, to show that exactly the same things happened there. Made obsolete by the Taimandred debate above.
Quotes Referenced: 17