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"The Enforcer" Steve Anderson returns to F.S.W as Fantasy Camp Instructor For Pro Wrestling Fantasy Camp
"The Enforcer" Steve Anderson returned back home to his old stomping grounds in the F.S.W on June 1st and June 2nd for the first annual F.S.W Pro Wrestling Fantasy Camp. The fantasy camp kicked off with an introduction by none other than the owner of F.S.W, James Patterson. At this point, the fantasy camp particpants were treated to watch the F.S.W Superstars and alumni take back bumps, front flips, snap mares, leap frog, drop down, and sunset flip drills. After an intense workout and an hour lunch break, many of the fantasy camp participants ran away with their tails in between their legs except for the few who stayed behind to take in a practice being held by professional wrestling legend, Tony Leone. Though Steve and Tony were exchanging holds in the ring and occasionally ribbing one another, both men dedicated themselves to showing these prospective hopefuls the business of professional wrestling with their knowledge. If you're interested in attending the next fantasy camp session, please contact James Patterson at 1-(262)656-9732 for more information.




"The Living Legend" Lou Thesz is passes away at 82.



The first ever 6-Time NWA World Champion Lou Thesz passed away on April 28th at 7:35 a.m. He had been in the hospital for the last couple of weeks for heart surgery. His wife Charlie sent this upbeat message:

"With a full heart and clear head, I can tell all of you Lou died content and with no regrets! Lou will be cremated here in Florida, I will take his ashes to St.Louis, we will have a simple memorial service [yet to be determined], and I will let his ashes go into the Merrimac River where his happy memories of life started. Later we will have a wake type party here in Winter Garden. Don't mourn - just love what he gave you. He loved and appreciated what you all gave him.

Any contributions, in lieu of flowers, can be sent to the IWIM/Thesz Memorial Fund at P.O. Box 794 Newton, IA 50208 or you can send a check for IWIM to me at P.O. Box 783783 - Winter Garden, FL - 34778.

In the meantime, have a glass of wine, or a beer for Lou...and pray you have a life as full or as happy!"





Steve Anderson interview conducted on

“Independent Pro Wrestling Review” for April 16th, 2002.



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