Boston Photos - 11/28/03 to 12/03/03

Trip to Boston - visiting Nate.
Very cold, very old, very real.
Full of smart and interesting people too.
Silly city.

Nate on Phone
Look at how clean the floor of his room is.

I like how crisp the building looks -
especially with that sky.

Nate breaking the Law
Now it can be finally told -
Nate has no respect for park signs:
He WILL feed the pigeons, given the opportunity.

Nate walking to Church
I like the redness of the buildings and street -
but look at how shiny Nate's collar looks - its like a neck halo.

Element found in Harvard's Musuem of Natural
(and erotic) History.

Turtle from Boston Aquarium
I'm sure on the turtle's website there is a photo
of us captioned 'Men from the Manquarium'.

Paiting from Boston's Museum of Fine Arts
I really wish I could remember the famous artist of this.
But I like the mirror, reflecting back an image that maybe slightly better that
what the viewer sees.

Nate at Dinner
I wish this photo wasn't so blurry -
you are missing out on both the yummy dinner and Nate's geniality.

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