Waking Me


And I leave the dream alone

Untouched so it might never go

If I don't breathe it might stay another night

If I don't cry it might let me in for another try

Oh my breath grew shallow at forbidden dreams

Captured by the moment when I was whole

Complete, pure ... clean

I lived the king's life; subjects, the whole world

These things I wrought were magnified so clear

I saw destiny, she told me my hidden name

Saw moonlight, thought she said the same

Things are now so unclear

Waking up like falling into the pit again

Looking up at where I used to be

Dreamed of always being.

Casting stones, chopping wood, laying seeds

Slipping the day away

Praying silently the dream still calls me

Beneath moonlight I prayed silent eulogies of the waking me

Untouched I left the sandman's dust

Only thoughts of emptiness and black holes

Only whispers remained from the previous story

Hoping, praying to continue this play

Only in my head my heart runs away

Only in this dream do I not dream away.


By Don Bernal


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