Three lines at a time   by Don Bernal

Lends us hope
In times
When we are broke
For love
Way down below
I see as I go
But broken pieces lie on the floor
Eye-dazzling from heights so high
The way down frightening sky
Teeter, teeter, fall
Needy, full of greed
Given to my shame indeed
I am hungry, feel my teeth
So I go on my way home
Where I found a road to go
I found a piece of me on stone
She's gone so far on her own
I've taken claim to finding myself not alone
We've gone seperate ways, so far from home
So you say we're dead
While I'm lying there pretending to be prone
Thinking of other girls with curlier hair than yours
Might I find myself dreaming of unconditional love
Coming from all the wrong places
Coming at me before I know what I truly, truly want
Maybe, so close to home
The sunlight left me burned to the core
The clock stunned still
But time stops so gently
Like a whisper to smoke
Faith lends us time, only to borrow from hope.

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