And in the End…” Part VII
Copywrite Fallon B. 2000

Brett just stood there with the dumbest look ever on his face. He didn’t move, he didn’t talk.
“What?” he innocently asked as he shrugged his shoulders and the bus pulled away.
“What do you mean, WHAT?” asked Kevin. “You know what you’re doing.”
“So,” Kevin said as he raised his voice, “look at what you’re doing to yourself!”
“Fuck man. What is your problem? I use protection and I’m divorced now, so it doesn’t really matter. Why do you care anyway? It’s my life, not yours.”
“God Brett! You’re my best friend and I care about you, but it’s quite obvious you don’t even care about yourself. So forget I even brought it up!” screamed Kevin as he went to the back of the bus and slammed the door, while Carl and Jeff just sat, saying nothing.
Brett plopped down on the couch next to Carl and sighed.
“Can my life get any worse?” he mumbled.
“Well, Kevin does have a point. Don’t you feel bad using these girls the way you do? Don’t you miss your wife and son?” asked Carl.
“Yes,” he sadly replied.
“Then get help and get your family back,” Jeff butted in.
“All right. Just let me finish this tour and have my time with the groupies. They’re all I have right now.”
“Don’t tell me what I can and can not do. It’s my life. Don’t get on my case like Kevin did,” said Brett, feeling a little irritable.
“Well, if you want our help you need to list to us. I’m not trying to preach to you, but that’s how it has to be. You can have one last groupie tonight,” said Carl, “so make it someone you really want. And we wont tell Kevin, because he’s pretty upset with you right now, but he’ll be glad to hear that you really want to clean your life up. Just let him go for a little and then we’ll tell him. But this has to be for real.”
“It is,” assured Brett. “It really is.”

An hour later everyone had seemed to be calmed down and Brett decided to go and talk to Kevin who was still sitting in the back. He walked back and knocked on the door.
“Yeah?” asked Kevin.
“Can I come in?” asked Brett.
Brett opened the door and walked back to where Kevin was sitting, writing something.
“What’s that?” asked Brett, motioning to the paper.
“A letter to Robyn and Jason. I love my wife and I don’t cheat on her.”
“Kevin, I loved Lisa and I still do. I know I cheated on her, but how do you do it?”
“Do what?” asked Kevin, not knowing what Brett was talking about.
“Keep away from all of these beautiful women.”
“Well, Brett, that’s quite easy. I remember there’s a beautiful woman at home that loves me for me. Not because I’m some big rock star. I don’t need a lay every night like some people. I remember standing at the altar and taking those vows. And I remember our beautiful son that we’ve created and that they need me and I can’t always be with them.”
“Man, I’m so fucked up,” said Brett as he lit a cigarette. “This is the deal. I’m done with groupies. Done. Carl and Jeff have agreed to help me straighten my life out and get Lisa and Ryan back. I want your help, too, if you’re willing to give it, that is. I don’t know how I’m going to get my life straightened out, but I need to before my feelings for Lisa become to distant.”
“Ok man, but no screwing around. You have to work it all out. We’ll find you a clinic or something that you can go to when we get done touring.”
Kevin signed his letter and shoved it into an envelope and followed Brett to the front of the tour bus to sit with Carl and Jeff.
“No way! I’m not joining some clinic. Are you psycho?”
“Do you mean a clinic for his sexual addiction?” asked Jeff.
“yeah,” said Kevin. “Don’t you think it would be good for him and help him?”
“No!” screamed Brett. “Forget it, forget it, forget it,” he screamed louder and he threw a glass that sat on the table, which smashed all over. “Forget that I ever wanted help. Forget Lisa and forget Ryan. Just forget it all.”

> …to be continued…

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