And in the End…” Part VI
Copywrite Fallon B. 2000

Brett knew that Carl was right. He just needed to pick his head up and move in.
“So, what are you all doing out there?” asked Brett.
“Playing Road Rage. Wanna join us?”
“You know it. That’s my game.”
That night once Brett was on stage, singing from his soul for a sold out arena, he felt much better. He forgot all about his problems. It was pretty much his only way to forget about them. It made the guys feel a lot better knowing that he wasn’t so sad. Maybe he’d find himself a woman backstage. Not that Carl, Jeff and Kevin approved of it, but they knew that it would make him feel better. At least he wasn’t married anymore.
As Brett made his way backstage the rude, as well as intruding cameras and publicists wanting to know about his divorce greeted him.
“Excuse me, Brett. How did the divorce come about?” once reporter asked.
Brett didn’t reply. He just kept on walking towards the backstage area.
“Brett, is it true that you’re wife is suing you for half of your earnings and leaning towards full custody of your son?” another reporter asked.
“No, neither of those rumors are true,” he replied with an almost threatening tone in his voice.
“Finally backstage!” he said as he grabbed a beer out of the cooler that sat next to the door. “I hate publicity. My personal life is none of their business. That’s about the only thing I can keep private and now they’re trying to take that from me, too.”
“I know, it’s tough,” agreed tough, speaking from experience, for he was divorced once, but now happily re-married. “But just try to calm down. They fans will be back here soon.”
Backstage was the same as always. Some drugs. Not done by the guys in Fuel, but done by fans. Lots of alcohol, which had always been a usual for Fuel, it was almost like a ritual. And half-naked women, which was always happening backstage at any rock concert.
Brett, Carl, Jeff and Kevin mingled, took pictures, signed autographs and talked with their fans and then Brett found her. A new woman for him to sleep with. An old friend.
“Hey,” he said as she passed him.
She stopped in her tracks and looked at Brett.
“Oh my God. Brett!” she said as she gave him a big hug. “It’s been so long.”
“Yeah, it has,” he easily agreed.
She was Jade Martin. An old friend from high school and an old girlfriend. Brett had always wanted to get into her pants, but had never made it, because he had found a different girlfriend. Which was his last girlfriend before Lisa.
“Sorry to hear about your divorce. I saw a family photo along with an article in People Magazine. I read it, but I don’t know how much is true. Anyway, your son looks just like you. He’s so cute.”
Brett forced a little smile.
“Thanks. I always hear that.”
“So, uh, I think I’m going to go,” she said, seeming slightly shy. And the Jade that Brett knew was not shy at all.
“Don’t go. Come back to the hotel with me,” he pleaded.
“But Brett, you just got divorced.”
“I know,” he said as he put his arm around her shoulder and walked outside with her. “That’s what caused my divorce. Me cheating on my wife, but now I’m free to do whatever I want. And this is what I want. I wish I was still with her, more for Ryan’s sake, but I gotta learn to deal. So, what do you say? Will you show me a good time?” Jade smiled and hooked arms with Brett.
“I sure will.”

That night Brett and Jade had a lot of fun. Jade had a blast and Brett was glad that he had decided to bring her back to the hotel with him. She left him that night when he boarded the bus to leave for the next stop on tour. Brett was hoping to see Kim again, for the next stop was in New Jersey, where Kim was from.
Brett got ready to get on the bus, most likely being the last one on once again, and everyone knew why. Every time he got on the bus they all sat at the table or on the couch, waiting for him. He hoped now that he was divorced things would be different.
He opened he door, walked up the steps and onto the bus. And to no ones surprise Kevin, Carl, and Jeff all sat with that horrible look in their eyes.

…to be continued…

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