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And in the End…” Part V
Copywrite Fallon B. 2000

Lisa didn’t wait around for the divorce to be taken care of. Two weeks after Brett moved out they were in the courtroom before the judge making the divorce official.
Brett couldn’t look Lisa in the eyes and she had a hard time looking at him, too. Lisa didn’t bring Ryan with her, because, of course, the courtroom is no place for little kids. But Lisa did bring Brett a picture that Ryan had painted for him.
The truth was that Lisa really missed Brett and spent most nights crying herself to sleep. She had also found Ryan crying a lot. It was hard for him to understand what was happening. Lisa had to sit down and tell him that Brett was still his father, he just didn’t live there anymore.
As Lisa was walking out of the courthouse with her lawyer, Brett ran after her to talk to her.
“Lisa!” he yelled as he passed by some lawyers.
She turned around and looked straight into his eyes, which she hadn’t done since she told him that she wanted a divorce.
“The band is leaving in a week to go back on tour for about a month or so. I was wondering, since I won’t be home, if I could take Ryan for the week instead of just the weekend?”
Lisa looked at her lawyer.
“That’s up to you,” he replied.
Lisa sighed.
“Ok, but I don’t want him exposed to any alcohol, drugs or sex.”
“C’mon Lisa, you know I don’t do drugs. And you know that I’m not going to let him see anything he shouldn’t see.”
“I know,” she said sadly. “I’m sorry. I told you I didn’t hate you and I don’t. I’m just so stressed.”
“It’s ok. I’ll come pick him up around five. Is that ok?” he asked.
“Yeah. I need to go now or I’ll be late for work.”
“OK, thanks Lisa.”
Brett pulled up at his old home and noticed Ryan peaking out of the huge window that was in the front of the house. He smiled brightly at the sight of his father who he hadn’t seen in two weeks.
Brett knocked at the door. It really felt weird to know on the door of the home that he had built. The home that he didn’t live in anymore. But he knew that he did the right thing by leaving it to Lisa and Ryan. They needed it a lot more then he did. He was always on tour or doing something with the band.
As Lisa opened the door and let Brett in Ryan came running to him and jumped into his arms.
“Daddy!” he exclaimed.
“Ryan!” Brett exclaimed back as he gave his son a big hug.
Brett looked around the house, remembering all the good times and studying the changes that Lisa had made. But he was divorced now. Single. He could date whomever he wanted. He shouldn’t care anymore because it was obvious he didn’t care when he was married.

He held Ryan in his arm to the side so he could talk to Lisa.
“I’ll have him back next Tuesday by six. We have a few rehearsals this week, but Robyn all ready said she’d watch him while we’re practicing.”
“Ok,” she said as she touched Ryan’s arm. “Be a good boy for daddy.” “Ok, mommy.” Ryan kissed his mom and she left the house with the to place Ryan’s car seat in Brett’s car.

“Bye,” she said as they were leaving, “see you next week.”
As the week passed Brett had a lot of fun with Ryan. They went to the circus, a baseball game, to the rodeo and Brett even took him to see Sesame Street on Ice. Ryan had a lot of fun.
Even when he was with Robyn he had fun because he got to play with Jason. Jason was Robyn and Kevin’s three-year-old son. He was only four months older then Ryan.
Brett dropped Ryan off Tuesday at four. Lisa couldn’t believe everything that they had done together. Brett was never like that with him before. Brett’s brother, Greg, was more of a father to Ryan then Brett was before. But then again, he was always out with the band doing something or someone.
“We’re leaving to go on tour tomorrow and we’ll be gone for six weeks. When we’re done I’ll call you and we can make plans for me to see him again.”
“Ok,” replied Lisa. “Have fun on tour,” she said in a smart tone.
“Bye Ryan,” Brett said as he stood outside the front door.
“Bye-bye daddy,” Ryan replied while waving.

Brett sat in the back of the bus watching the trees fly by while all the others sat in the front playing the Playstation. They all felt weird without him sitting up there with them. So, Carl decided to do something about it.
“I’ll be right back. Take my turn,” he said as he handed the control paddle to Kevin.

Kevin replied with a puzzled look, but did as Carl said.
He walked to the back of the bus, trying to be as quiet as possible, just incase Brett was sleep. He slowly opened the door and noticed Brett sitting there. Still. He didn’t even bother to turn around and see who it was.
“Hey, Brett, are you ok?” he asked quietly.
“Yeah,” replied Brett in a voice that told Carl he had just been crying. “I just feel depressed.”
“I’m sorry. But you know that this is punishment fore what you did wrong. At least you were man enough to tell Lisa. I know I’m no master at relationships, because I’ve only been married a little over a year. But I can say this, you’re single now, so you can do whatever you want.”
“You’re right,” replied Brett, as he put his sunglasses on. “I can do WHATEVER I want.”
...to be continued...

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