“And in the End…” Part III
Copywrite Fallon B. 2000

The bus slowed down and pulled up in front of Brett’s new 5 million-dollar home that he and his family had just recently built and moved into. His small, black, Mercedes sat waiting in the driveway along with Lisa’s Porsche and the family Explorer. He grabbed his suitcase and all the guys gave him a ‘you better tell Lisa or we will’ look.
“I will,” he said, “I really will. I’ll talk to you guys later.”
They all replied with their good-byes and watched Brett and his guilty face walk off of the bus and up the sidewalk to his home.

Brett opened the door, which led into the living room and found Lisa sitting on the couch, reading and Ryan lying on the floor asleep. Lisa put her book down, smiled a Brett with a huge smile, got up, put her arms around him, kissed his lips and gave him a big hug. He lifted her up slightly, swung her around then put her down. She kissed him again.
“Welcome home,” she said, smiling.
“Thanks. I’m so glad to be home,” he replied as he quietly walked closer to check on Ryan.
“He fell asleep about three hours ago,” said Lisa as she followed Brett. “He was trying to stay up and wait for you, but of course, he fell asleep.”
Brett picked him up off of the floor and Lisa grabbed his Elmo doll that lay next to him and followed Brett up the long stairway and into Ryan’s bedroom.
Lisa pulled Ryan’s blankets down and Brett laid him down. Ryan opened his eyes a bit and then fell right back asleep. Brett and Lisa kissed him on the forehead and then left to go to bed themselves.
Lisa was already in her pajamas and crawled right into their waterbed, followed by Brett once he stripped off his clothes and threw them into the hamper. Brett gave Lisa a kiss goodnight, flicked the lamp off and tried to sleep.
“Brett?” Lisa whispered.
“Do you want to make love?”
“No. Not tonight. I’m too tired. “
“Lisa?” he said, his voice a little shaky.
“Tomorrow I have to tell you something, so make sure I do, ok?”
“Ok. Good night.”

As Brett made his way down the stairs the next morning Ryan got up from his toys and scurried over to his father.
Brett scooped him up and began tickling him until Ryan couldn’t take it anymore and escaped from his arms.
Brett spent most of the day talking with Lisa about the tour and playing with Ryan. Then finally came his moment of truth.
“Brett, what did you have to tell me?” Lisa asked as she picked up some of Ryan’s toys and threw them into the toy box in Ryan’s playroom.
Brett let out a sigh and he felt his stomach turn.
“Ryan, go up in your room and play while I talk to mommy.”
Ryan obeyed his father’s words and ran up to his bedroom with a toy truck.
“So…” she said as she sat down next to him, “what is it?”
“Well, I’ve uh…”
Lisa sat and waited.
“I, uh…”
“Come on, Brett, spit it out.”
I’ve been ch-ch-cheating on you.” Lisa filled with anger as well as sadness. How could Brett possibly do this to her. Especially after he knew how much he meant to her. He was her whole life. She never pictured herself with anyone else.
“With who?” she asked angrily. “Who was it? Someone we know? Someone I know?”
“It was with a lot of different people.”
“Was it in my house?”
“No, in hotels. It was when the band was on tour.”
Lisa got up off of the chair and walked into the kitchen. She had thought that Brett was possibly cheating. Not because she didn’t trust him, she did trust him very much. But in the past he had sometimes came home smelling of alcohol and women’s perfume, but she had never said anything to him because she didn’t want to accuse him of anything. She just figured she would keep her mouth shut and hope that she was wrong thinking that.
As she stood in the kitchen, she began to bawl her eyes out and Ryan came down the stairs and into the kitchen.
“You no cry mommy. Daddy’s home now.”
Lisa smiled at Ryan as Brett walked into the kitchen and embraced her in a tight hug.
“Lisa, listen. I’m sorry. I really am. I want to stay with you. I want to stay with my son. We can work things out, cant we?”
Lisa buried her face into Brett’s chest, shook her head and then pulled her head off of him.
“No. No we cant. I’m sorry Brett. I want a divorce.”

…to be continued…

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