“And in the End…” Part II
Copywrite Fallon B. 2000

As Brett carried his suitcase into his hotel room he thought of how he was going to tell Lisa about what he had been doing. And he wondered how she was going to take it? Would she say that she understood and that she forgave him? He thought she would, because she was sweet like that. He sure hoped she would. If not, too bad, at least he told her the truth.
He didn’t even know why he took his suitcase in the hotel with him. They weren’t staying over night. They were just there to kill sometime and to hang out with their opening band, Project 67, who was becoming big, and kill some time.
Show time came and went as if it was only an hour rather then two hours. It was an excellent show, with a wild, sold out crowd as usual. Then came the test of Brett’s strength. He sat backstage, in the corner, in a chair, trying to avoid everyone, or at least the girls that he was attracted to. It’s not that he wanted to avoid the fans, but he had to do what he had to do.
As he sat with his head hung low, he noticed a shadow above him. He slowly lifted his headed up to see who stood before him.
She was beautiful. Long, strawberry blonde hair, beautiful green eyes, small legs, small breasts and curves all over her body. Her hair was pulled up into a high ponytail and she was wearing a short lavender skirt covered in flowers, along with a nice white tank top and white, sandal-like high heels.
“Hi, Brett,” she said, speaking softly. Brett loving her sweet voice. “Could you sign my CD for me?” she asked as she held it out towards him.
“Sure,” he replied as he took the CD and signed it, then handed it back to her.
“Thank you,” she said as she accepted it back and began to walk away and approach the other guys for autographs.
“Wait!” Brett called out.
The young girl stopped in her tracks and looked over her shoulder to Brett. He motioned her over and she headed back towards them.
“Yeah?” she asked, wondering what Brett wanted.
He stood up and put his arm around her.
“Um, do you want to come back to my hotel room with me for some fun?”
The girl hesitated at the question for a moment.
“You don’t have too,” said Brett, “I don’t want you to feel pressured or anything.”
“Yeah, let’s go,” she replied.
Brett and they young girl snuck out the back door of the club and he lit up a cigarette. She introduced herself as Kim, she was nineteen and a big fan of Fuel.
Brett knew he shouldn’t be doing what he was going to do with her. He tried to resist it, but failed. He hoped once he sat down and told Lisa what he was doing, she would understand and help him overcome his problem. Then on the next tour he wouldn’t have to worry about this awful addiction.
She followed him into the hotel room and he looked the door behind them so they weren’t bothered by anyone.
“I have to be on the bus in an hour so we have to make this quick.”
Brett took off his well-known leather jacket and threw it on the chair. Then he removed his shirt while Kim took off her shoes.
He put his arms around Kim’s waist and pulled her skirt off. Then she crawled onto the bed, pulling Brett on top of her.
As Brett was putting on a condom Kim began to have second thoughts about what she was doing.
“Brett, are you sure we should do this? I mean, I find you attractive and I’m flattered you chose me, and I also know that I’m just a little toy and that you do this with many women, but you have a wife and son at home, don’t you feel bad?”
“How’d you know about my family?” he asked, sounding surprised.
“Are you kidding me, I am a huge fan, and as a fan, I know these things. I’m a fan, not a groupie, remember? But don’t you feel bad doing this to your family?”
“Of course I do. I just can’t stop. I am going to tell my wife and hopefully she’ll be me through this.”
OK,” said Kim as she started to kiss Brett again. “I guess it’s ok then.”

After having fun with Kim, Brett thanked her for a good time and headed outside with her. She thanked him, and wished him luck with his family. He knew that he needed it.
He walked onto the bus to find Carl, Kevin and Jeff all sitting at the table, waiting for him. They knew. And Brett knew that they knew. Before anyone could speak he said: “Listen, I know it’s bad, but I swear, tomorrow I’m going to tell Lisa.”

…to be continued…

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