And in the End…” Part XI
Copyright Fallon B. 2000

An hour later Brett, Carl, Kevin, and Jeff all arrived across town at the hospital, which held an area for the sexually addicted.

They walked in, Brett being embarrassed as well as ashamed and signed himself in for the meeting. He was glad they were there to support him and help him and through it.

“Go on right through the door right there and take a seat,” said the old lady that sat behind the welcoming desk. “The meeting start soon.”

Brett thanked her and followed the band into the room. Inside sat about twenty men, some young and some old, all waiting for the meeting to start. It was then Brett realized he wasn’t the only one with sexual addiction problem. It gave him a sense of relief.

They all took a seat in the back and noticed some people staring at them. Brett hoped he wasn’t the only new member. Just as he was looking around the coordinator came in. He was a doctor, as well as a psychologist.

“Hi guys,” he said happily as he scanned the room. “I see only five new faces and no women.”

Everyone shifted in their seats to see who had decided to join them.

“Will the new members please stand up?”

Brett looked around a noticed that a man about his age, maybe a little older, maybe a little younger, was standing up. Brett slowly rose out of his seat.

“OK, you three please stand up,” said the coordinator, pointing to Kevin, Carl and Jeff. “We’re all here for the same thing, it’s ok, don’t be embarrassed.”

“We’re not here to join. We’re here to support him,” said Carl.

“I’m sorry.”

“It’s ok. No big deal.”

“Well, why don’t you guys tell us who you are and exactly why you’re here.”

“I’m Brian and I’m here, well, because it’s obvious I’m addicted to sex. I’ve been like this for as long as I can remember. But now it’s so sad that I’m turning to prostitutes and I don’t want to live like this anymore. I want to find a girlfriend I love and I want to marry someday and start a family.”

Everyone clapped and Brian took his seat and then everyone put their eyes on Brett.

“Hi, I’m Brett.”

“Wait, are you Brett from that band, Fuel?” someone asked.


There was a bit of muffled chatting among the guys in the room. Possibly because he was a star. A star with a problem and willing to admit it, unlike many stars.

“Anyway since I’m in a band I travel a lot and there are always girls waiting to sleep with me and I couldn’t resist. And if any of you are fans or know a lot about us, then you probably know that I have, or should I say had, a wife and son. I told my wife about me cheating on her and she divorced me, which I can see why. But I still want to be with her and I still want to be with my son. I just want my family back,” said Brett in a whiny tone.

Everyone clapped for Brett also and he sat down, already feeling better about himself. Maybe it wasn’t that bad after all. Maybe he was making a bigger deal out if it then it really was. He was just scared.

“All right. Let’s all get into groups of four and we’ll have a discussion session for about an hour and then we’ll do an activity.”

Brett sat while everyone got up and got into groups of four. He figured he would just wait and see who came to him. Sure enough Brian, the other new member, and two other men approached him and asked him to be part of their group. He easily accepted the offer.

Brett left the center that day glad that he decided to go. He was already feeling better and hoping that it was working.

After three months of therapy Fuel was to play a show at a local club, and Brett would finally have the ultimate test and see if it was time for him to bring Lisa and Ryan back into his life.

Backstage girls swarmed to Brett, a usual for any Fuel show, and for once Brett felt no sexual attraction to any of them. Not even the sexiest of them all, which was good. Very good.

Lisa roamed aimlessly up and down the isles of the supermarket, having no clue of what she was looking for. As she started down the isle of books and magazines Ryan blurted out ‘daddy’.

“You’ll see daddy this weekend,” Lisa assured him.

“No. Daddy,” he said, pointing to the side.

Lisa turned he head and her jaw dropped as she stared at Brett on the cover of Star magazine with a headline that read: “I was addicted to sex, but now I want my family back.”

Lisa picked up the magazine and threw it in the shopping cart.

“Daddy!” Ryan exclaimed.

Once Lisa had Ryan settled in bed she sat down on the couch and flipped open the magazine. She read it over not once, not twice, but three times. It brought tears to her eyes.

It told Brett’s story of everything that had happened in the last few months and it also told about his recent recovery and hopes of becoming a family again.

Only one question stirred in Lisa’s mind…did SHE want him back?

…to be continued…

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