Once upon a midnight dreary, when I was weak and weary
I sat upon a rocking chair, hoping the windows rattled with a little less flair.
Haunted by my insanity, by a wish to be humble and free,
There come a knockin' on my door, and oh how I wish nevermore,
But I was too fearful, overwhelmed with paranoia
I fled under my bed, beneath a shoe, behind a fallen book
Hiding from the rattles and tattles in my room
Rain dropped ceaselessly over my head, glass rattling the bones of the dead
Oh how frail my life seemed to be, a whisper from a cloud would have spelled the end of      me.
The noise, the noise! How my soul shook and froze
I thought madness would overwhelm me, drown me with its voice
Then hark, shadows fell to a silent halt.
Not a touch of sound fell on my ears, not a drop on floor or wall
Panic, surprise, horror came to my head
Since the bedlam in my room turned to a silence instead.
What wrought this eerie overture, the pause born of evil intent?
What sort of demon could shatter noise to a silent death?
Lest I fear madness I heard my heartbeat at last
A drumming, thumping noise, which quickly filled my mind
Oh what wicked demon could silence rain and wind
Dim the moon and stars at the merest whim
Oh so frightened and oh so frail, I stood beside a window
Having managed to leave my hiding for a moment of courageous despair.
And thru the trees and in the night
I saw silence, saw void, saw nothing in sight
But only a gloom which has no name
Sprang up that night
Had me wide-eyed with fear,
Pure of shock, filled with fright....
And off the window I went
Into my room with no particular delight
Sat upon a rocking chair
But made no move to strike a light
Upon a midnight hour of this gloomy night
Rest my weary bones from the greatest fear of my life
I sat and stared into a starless night
From my chair I sat and stared
For I went from Earth to Hell in just one stormy night.

By Don Bernal

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