Slip Away


Slip away
From those bounds you call your life.
It isn't worth it if you ain't got that smile
There's the past you call home
There are the stones rolling inside your head.
Slip away
You're so near you
Just slip away
Forget these lines and float away
Those diamonds you find so nice
Are just coal
In my eyes
Speak with those words in your mind
The sounds I'm hearing are just lies you cry.
And your hoping
Those laughs you have
Are enough to convince you
You're not dying inside.

The lies are born inside your head
Those dreams you take with you to bed
Hopes you wish were true but never
    in your life of regret

Call on your demons to keep you warm tonight
Maybe these words won't haunt you
But maybe your past will shed some light
All these chains around your neck
Breathing becomes a struggle to the death
Can't you even scream
Or are you silent because you can't see.
Maybe you're not alone
But being with the Devil
Doesn't mean you've touched that golden goal
Can't you see that light
Out that door, beyond this night
When you think you could be happy,
    and believe it's all right.
Slip away, your dreams are struggling, trying
    to fight in this harsh light.

by Don Bernal

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