The Pumpkin King by Don Bernal
I am the Pumpkin King! I am the rage!
Hear my laughter, hear my joy!
Ringing sweetly...hear the noise.
Rise up softly, feel the rage.
See how quietly it remains.
But turn the pillow, and you will see.
How delicious it is to be me.
There you see a little corner of my room
There you hear the sounds of another room.
Now the thunder laughs in your face
There's the summer your sun hates
I am the keeper of the night
I am the ghost upon your shell
I am the little bug in your hair
Who else brings the stories of fright
It is I, I who brings the noise
Like Santa and all his toys
There, your hear the laughter in the air.
Turn into screams, my mark 'I was there'
Here comes the angel of Halloween night
There you sing my praises of fright
Shadows dance in the moonlight glare
White sheets fold upon my stare
I am the propagator of gloom
I shout the horror to the moon
There is nothing to be afraid
Just the Pumpkin King holding a grenade
Shout as loud as the kingdom is wide
Yell to the top of your lungs, till the silence cannot hide
Sing my praises, my glory to all
I bring the terror, lets the horrible fall
Who brings fear to a quiet night
Whisper and you may hear the song yet
Can you feel the tremor in the air!
I am the Pumpkin, I bring the Halloween night
I am the grim reaper to take all souls tonight
I am the one who's face brings screams that rattle to the bone
I am the Pumpkin King, welcome to my home.

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