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     "You're never as crazy as the next guy.  But then, the guy behind you is saying the same thing about you."
     "Are you kidding me.?"
     I kid you not. No one in their 'right' mind would actually believe that they're completely insane. But then no one believes they're completely normal, either. Are you looking into the mirror, or is he looking back at you?"
     "I'm still not sure you can say...."
     "But then, still, being aware of your level of insanity doesn't help you or make you less unstable. Does knowing you'll die in a few months mean you can change your life and make everything you do worthwhile? Would you make your life and the lives around you better? Would you smile more, and say hello to anyone and everyone you would meet?"
     "But wait, I think you..."
     "Just because you know you're dying doesn't change who you are. Your disposition will be what it will be. You can't stretch far from the person you are. Crazy or not crazy, friendly or a complete jerk..."
     "Whoever you are, that's who'll you'll be. Try and be mean and you'll see how hard it is on yourself. Try and be meaner and you'll struggle at not being able to say hello to your close friends. Who you are is who you are. You're not as crazy as the next person, but admit it if you can, you're not exactly the picture of complete sanity either."
     "But listen. All I wanted was to order a hamburger and some fries. I don't even know who you are..."

By Don Bernal

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