Where is my name tag?

Where is my name?
How did I get here, 
   and why am I called that?
Whose idea is this, and when exactly is now,
Well, forget about now, but who is this person they call me?
Is he supposed to be dashing and brave;
Heroic and sure?
Can he fly, or go to the moon?
Do some trick, have some talent?
Because if not, why do we have to know his
Does he have great ideas?
Poetry of the mind?
Does he dare dream impossible dreams;
Challenge the wicked, help the kind?
What kind of person is he, if he doesn't do all
   of the above?
Does he get lost easily, unfocused, gets left behind?
Wonders a lot, worries a lot, cares about too many things but doesn't really stop.
In the eye of the storm does he dance,
   or merely wait for the ride to pass?
Does he have a clue
   A hint, a piece of the puzzle
Do we need him, is he neccessary
   A part of the game?
Does he play the top hat, the dog, thimble,
Or does he just stay in jail and never pass
So who am I, to be called upon and used?
Does anyone carry the weight of that plastic and red hue?
I need to find my name
So I can tell you who I am
Without which we're both lost
Stranded in a world with no name tags.

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