Let's say could live forever. Would you? ...

What if the argument says God doesn't want you to live that long?

What if they say, God gives out His spirits and takes them away?

You say forget forever, just longer.

They ask how.

You say by human, by artificial, by scientific means.

They say no. They say unnatural.

You say why?

They say God gives then expects return. They say God gives gives you 100 years, and when its done, its done.

You say but what about 100, 200, 5000, 10000 years ago? God only gave us 25 years, 30, 40.
...God seems to be more generous as we go along.

They say God takes away what He gives.

You say God has given to you, to us. We merely try as best we can to hold on to what we hold most precious: life.

They say it is not ours to keep.

You say, it is ours to use while we can.

God says, You argue too much, for such small purposes...You'd think I sent my son to lawyers instead to a carpenter and his wife.

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