Stepping Lightly on a Cloud

I don't mind slipping away
If I have fun on the way down
If I step on a cloud and zoom
Past the sun and the stars
Falling through heaven
Back down to the ground
If I had fun screaming my brains out
And these terrors blew the consciousness from my head
And I drip down into some unrecognizable territory
All the glossy images pasted into my memory
Glassy and sparkly like wine in a bottle
Make it two, for me and myself in an hour
Sliding down glass doors
Held only for myself and my toys
Falling, still falling, but there is no more noise
Now I fall silently
A whisper to this fall
Mighty, mighty shall fall
These are the hours I sleep no more
Crashing through the air like I care no more
Dancing with rain and holding hands with snow
I'm not on this world anymore
The whole point of falling is to leave this current floor
I need to be on a whole new level
These shoes can't take the beating anymore
I don't see why I can't breathe new air
Say goodbye to ourselves
And greet new faces on my door
I don't know why
But I can't care anymore
These dreams I used to have
Are just nightmares the night stores
Blinking my eyes and saying
"I'm going to get home"
Then only then
Do I look in the mirror
And see my face of old

No more lines
No more faces
Just these two eyes
A mouth I seem to remember
This isn't me
Not the one I used to know
These aren't my masks
Or the looks I've given before
I think I remember me
When I was just a little boy
Before I was caught up in the world
And the world grabbed me and didn't let go
I remember these times
Of so long ago
These were just dreams
But I managed to get back here
All I had to do was just
Slip away
And let go.

By Don Bernal

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