Inconsistent angel things
Being from a different world, a different century, a different culture based on love and thought not war and crying and death, I believe I have the unalienable right of being heard and not forgotten, of being left alone when the ages speak and of being unseen when the shadows call out my name.

I'm the only thing on Earth that knows why. I have the distinction of knowing the angels, and the devil's playground, I've played in the sands of indecency and swung on the chains of mad passion. I've braved new worlds while the stars sleep, let me rest when the world wants to be broken into pieces. I am not its keeper, I don't care where it ends up falling.

I'm used to being this way. You have no idea of how used to it I am. There aren't enough seconds in a decade to know why, there aren't enough spare breaths to take to listen to my tale. I have a story too long to tell, my garden of words have no more flowers to spare, I am alone and silent, letting the everything fall gracefully in the mud.

Being a soldier of moonlight, I stand where I fall. The ground will be protected forever. I am sure of that. I just need to be left alone. Mother Earth and I have a few words to share.

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