"Date With A Goth" Part II
Copyright Fallon B. 2001

After class, Fallon wasnít sure if she should talk to Biff or not. So he just went to her locker and got her things she needed for her next period class.As she was closing her locker, Biff appeared next to her to her.

"Hey Fallon," he said as she shut her locker and started towards her class.

"Hi," she replied.

"I need to get to class, but I need to know where you live so I can pick you up."

"Well, do you know where the old library is in town?"

Biff nodded.

"Well, I live in the big blue house across the street."

"Ok, Iíll pick ya up around six."

Fallon turned at the left corner and Biff turned right as he ended his sentence. Now that Biff was getting to know Fallon he started to feel bad about the bet. He was getting sick and tired of being the big, popular prep that got all of the girls. He didnít even feel preppy. He figured heíd take Fallon out and would wait to see what happens.

Biff and Jon picked Fallon up at ten after six. They arrived at the mall and Biff tried to get Fallon to go shopping in the preppy stores, but Fallon refused.

Címon," said Fallon, "letís go to the Gothic Cave."

"Well, wouldnít you rather go to American Eagle or The Gap?" Biff asked,looking oddly at Jon.

"No way! Iím sorry, I know youíre preppy or whatever, but itís just not for me. Iím not going to judge you for how you dress, because all three of us know that I have very little friends, and itís because I dress gothic. And Ithink itís wrong for them to judge me, but Iím not going to change for anyone. This is who I am, itís my personality and Iím proud to be my own person."

"Thank you for that lecture Miss Fallon," joked Jon.

"Letís go sit at a table, I need to get something off my chest," said Biff.

Fallon gave Jon a disturbing look and just shrugged his shoulders. He waspretty sure he knew what Biff had to say, but he didnít want to interfere. They reached the food court and sat down at a small table near one of the doors. Biff took a breath and confessed it all to Fallon. He told her how all the guys picked on him since she liked him, and about the bet. But he also told her that once he got to know her, he realized she was really cool andthat inside he knew he wasnít preppy, in fact, he was a goth at heart. And after hearing her little speech, he realized he was sick of hiding behindpreppy clothes just to fit in.

Fallon was a little upset about the bet, but once Biff told her that he want to be himself, which he felt was goth. She felt good about herself.

"So come on," said Biff as he got up and put his arm around Fallon.

"Letís go to the Gothic Cave."

"Ya know what?" said Jon.


"Now that Biff said he feels heís a goth at heart, I guess Iíll tell yathatís how I feel, too. I just never said anything because I was afraid the other guys wouldnít accept it."

"Woah," said Fallon, "this is starting to get scary."

"So like, are you two going to go out?" asked Jon.

"I donít know," said Biff as he looked at Fallon, "do you want to me my girlfriend? Iím going to go gothic."

"I do want to be your girlfriend, and Iíve waited for this for a long time."

"Cool," said Jon as they entered The Gothic Cave. "You know that friend of yoursÖMorgan?Ösheís pretty hot."

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