"Date With A Goth" Part 1
Copyright Fallon B. 2001

Fallon sat at the lunch table with Morgan, Talena, and Mercedes writing her essay for her American History class. If she didn't start doing her homework she was going to fail for the year.

Morgan, Fallon, Mercedes, and Talena were different; they had very few friends and tons of enemies. The reason they didn't have many friends is because they were all gothic/rocker chicks. Their school was full of preppy cheerleaders and football players, which they couldn't stand.

As Fallon sat writing an essay on the American revolution she head his voice, the voice of a prep. A prep she liked.

"Hey Fallon, look who's at the table next to us," said Morgan, "it's your preppy boyfriend."

"Shut up," Fallon shot back. "He's not my boyfriend."

Biff Butler, the son of legendary Black Sabbath guitarist, Geezer Butler, was her crush. He wasn't really looked at as "Geezer's son" or "that famous guys son." Most people just looked at him as a popular, good-looking guy. Biff was seventeen years old with dark hair, but he usually wore a ski cap. If he was with out it, his hair was chestnut brown, sometimes highlighted, brown eyes, and lips every girl in school wanted to kiss. He was one of the most wanted guys in school, as were his three best friends, A.C., Louis and Jon.

"Hey Biff," said Jon, "that freaky girl is staring at you again."

Biff, Louis and A.C. all glanced over to the table and Fallon looked away. Biff let out a little laugh.

"She never looks at me, is she afraid of me?"

"Nah. I know she likes you, it's quite obvious, but you should be afraid of her," said A.C.

"Wait, wait," said Louis as he took a bite of his pizza. "Why don't you try to turn her preppy or to a party and make it with her or something. Like in that movie, uh, She's All That."

"Eww, she might have a disease or something," Biff replied.

"Come on, do it!" AC and Jon urged. "We'll each put in fifty bucks if you succeed."

Biff took a drink of his Coke and signed, "You're on."

As the bell rang doors opened and lockers slammed Morgan, Fallon, Talena, and Mercedes left the lunchroom and parted ways to go to their 6th period class. IT was the only class they didn't have together and the only class that Fallon had with Biff, and that was History.

Fallon stopped at her locker and grabbed her History book. On the way to class she stopped in the bathroom, which was filled with preppy cheerleaders fixing their hair and gossiping. She pushed her way through them, not replying to their rude comments, checked her hair and the little made that she wore and then left.

Just as the bell rang she reached her class and took her seat, which was to the exact left of Biff.

"Please pass up your essays," said Mr. Brown, the History teacher.

Fallon pulled her essay out of her notebook and looked it over, she was quite proud of it. She looked it over one last time and passed it up. The teacher collected the papers and wrote the assignment on the board.

"Today is going to be a quiet day," said the teacher, "read these pages and then answer the questions at the end of the chapter."

All of the students flipped open their books and a few read, but most pretended to read, really doing other homework, writing notes, reading magazines, or just goofing off on a piece of paper.

Biff pulled a sheet of paper out of his notebook and started to write something down, while Fallon watched him out of the corner of her eye. He looked over and she quickly put her focus back to her book. As she sat drawing she saw a note appear on her book. She slowly grabbed it, opened it and read it.

Hey Fallon. What's up? Not too much here. This really sucks, I hate this class. It's so boring and I think I'm failing, I NEVER do my homework. So anyway, what are you doing later? W/B/S.


Fallon looked at Biff and he smiled at her and then picked up his pen and did a writing motion. Fallon wondered why he wrote to her, and why he was being so nice. She wondered if he was just being mean, but she figured to just write back.

Hi Biff. What's up with you? Nothing here. I'm just working on a drawing. I hate this class, too. I hate every class, and I'm practically failing for the year. I need to bring my grades up. I NEVER do homework in here (or any other class), but I actually did this essay in lunch. And tonight…I'm not doing anything, how about you?


Fallon folded the note up and sent it back to Biff. He smiled at her again and for once she felt warm inside. Biff read the note over and replied.

Fallon, what are you drawing? I'd like to see it. I've noticed some of your stuff before; it's really good. Well, I was wondering if you'd like to go to the mall with Jon and I tonight? I'd be cool. Let me know, ok? Peace.


Fallon read the note, was Biff serious? She figured she'd accept the offer, not tell the girls 'till after and if Biff was just doing this to be mean then she'd get back at him.

Biff, I'm drawing a mutilated body, you can see it if you'd like. And yeah, I guess I'll go out with you tonight. Later.


…to be continued…

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