Copywrite Fallon B. 2000

Jamie stood in the large, squished crowd with her ex-boyfriend, who was now just a good friend, Jason, watching her favorite local band play. What she and many other people in the crowd did not know was that it was Strangers with Candy’s next to last show in her area.
Strangers with Candy finished their set with their hyper active song, “Idiot” and the crowd went wild. It was always a favorite among the fans, as well as a favorite for the band to play.
After they left the stage and people started to leave the club Jamie and Jason made their way to the backstage area. In front of the backstage entrance stood a large, muscular man, who had his nose pierced.
“Eh-eh,” he said while shaking his head. “No backstage passes and you sure don’t look like you’re eighteen, but if you are, I need to see some ID.”
“Just ask Nick, the singer. He’ll let us back, I’m a regular,” said Jamie.
“Nick,” the man yelled into the room.
Yeah,” said Nick as he appeared in the door with a small glass of Absolute Vodka in his hand.
“This girl here, and her friend want to come back. She says she’s a regular.”
Nick stepped out of the door was and put his arm firmly around Jamie.
“She sure is,” Nick said as he looked at Jason, “come on back.”
Jamie sent a smirk to the security guard and then mingled backstage with the band and other regulars that were always backstage after Stranger with Candy shows. Jamie stayed at Nick’s side most of the time, every time a girl would send him a dirty look he would kiss Jamie, for he really had strong feelings for her. And Jamie felt she could really connect with him, he understood where she was coming from and the things she had to say. Even though Jamie and Jason had been apart for over a year he still didn’t like to see her with other guys.
After two hours Jamie and Jason decided to head home. Before leaving Nick told Jamie he really needed to talk to her. They headed outside and Jason decided to wait in the car.
“Listen,” said as he grabbed Jamie’s hands, “I don’t want to tell you this, but I have to. I kept putting it off and if I don’t tell you know it’s really going to hurt you.”
Jamie felt her heart sink. Was there someone else? Was their chance at a relationship ending, for Nick was a good looking guy that all the girls were after, and Jamie was just the lucky one he had chose.
“Next week is our last local show. We got signed to Universal Records and have to leave to go to Cali. It’s a temporary contract, just incase we decide to back out, but I know we wont. This is what we’ve been waiting for.”
Jamie couldn’t believe it. She was happy for them, she thought they had real talent and deserved a record deal for as hard as they worked, but she didn’t want them to leave because she was to attached to Nick and she didn’t want to let go. A big alligator tear slowly slid down her cheek. Nick let go of her left hand and wiped it away.
“Please don’t cry. I know it’s hard and I’m sorry. Barley any of our fans know, and I don’t know how to tell them, but we have to at the next show. Aaron just told Maria last night and she was really upset, that’s why she looked so sad tonight, she’s afraid he’s going to find someone else.”
Jamie heard Jason beep the car horn.
“I should go. I’m happy for you. I really am, it’s just a surprise and you know that even though we aren’t together that I love you. That’s why I’m sad,” said Jamie.
“Thanks,” said Nick. “I love you too.”
“So, I guess this is goodbye.”
“Yeah, for now anyway. We won’t forget you guys. You’re who made us, the fans that have been down since day one.”
“Thanks. So, I guess I’ll see you around?”
“Yeah, eventually. I have your address and phone number so maybe you’ll hear from me.”
“Alright,” she said as Nick embraced her in a hug. “Bye.”
“Bye” said Nick as he watched Jamie pretty much walk out of his life.
And at the same time Jamie walked away feeling as though she had been betrayed, but then again, she was happy for them, they got what they had always wanted…a record deal.

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