A Word From God

This is God speaking.
Oh, I know, I don't normally do these kinds of things. I usually leave things up to you there, most of the time. Of course I'll dip in on occasion, wipe off a little dirt, straighten out a crooked line. But I leave most of it up to all of you.
Case in point: Mother Theresa. I didn't have anything to do with her. Not a thing, except with giving a her a soul to begin with. But I give everyone one of those, so I play no favorites. Yes, as a bit shocking as it may come to you, Mother Theresa is who she is all by herself. Didn't give her a thing either way. She's one of the ones that make me proud.
Now, as I've said that I don't usually like to involve myself in any direct sort of way, the reason I'm here now talking to you is because I've noticed something rather disturbing to me. A sort of domino-effect that's affecting more and more people everyday.
I'm here to talk about Y2K.


I see that most of you know what I'm talking about. And for those of you who don't, you're not part of the problem anyway, so you can be on your way. And remember, I'm watching you. Even when it looks like I'm not. I have a perfect memory, you know.
Now, for those of you who know exactly what I'm talking about, well, I'm here to address you directly. I've noticed a sort of gradual panic spreading daily among you. Not a great panic, not a riot-sized disturbance, but a slimmer, quieter, daily commotion. Everyday I notice more and more people quietly believing and acting on the idea that the world will end soon, very shortly.
I see strangers who would normally say hi now look past one another. Or worse yet, I am beginning to notice strangers looking at each other like they are not brothers but enemies, divided parts not acting as a whole.
I see families being torn apart, not by circumstances or great tragedy, but by consensus. Families are letting themselves be torn apart. And sometimes, they do it on TV.
I see men and women, who have treated each other with care and compassion now treat one another with distaste, mistrust, and plain misgiving. I have no problem with consummation before marriage. Life's too short. I know that very well. But I don't like seeing men and women deceiving each other and their own hearts by treating budding love with scorn and indifference.
I see individuals who are chained to isolation, who used to long for companionship, now embrace their solitude, and lash out at others. For example, I do not like people sending bombs to each other through the mail. It is bad enough that whole countries do it. Opening up an envelope shouldn't be a world-wide affair.
In short, I am not pleased.


Now, it seems to me that this behavior is stemming from the idea that the world is going to end. That finally, with the hope and dreams linked with the future gone, people are free to not treat each other and themselves well. How wrong my children can be.
First of all, the world will not end. At least not for you. I liken it to a lump of coal who worries about becoming a diamond. Don't worry, I would say to the coal, it will happen in due time. Just enjoy being a coal. I will worry about the end when the time comes for it.
Another thing that I'd like to mention is that there is this feeling of hopelessness I see in more and more people as time goes by. These are the people who notice how the people who are acting on the idea that the world is going to end, are behaving, and believe that life isn't worth struggling for. Nonsense. Life is precious. I am sure of it. I made it that way.
To these people I would say don't worry about these sort of things too much. For example, I see the man who spends most of his day molesting little children. Or least hopes to molest little children everyday. He is walking free in the city he lives in, and I do not think that he will get caught anytime soon. I am beseeched with prayers everyday, coming from those who are victims or know them well, and they ask that from me that he be caught, he be brought to justice, he be sliced open in a hundred different places and be dipped in salt. And they mourn and quietly despair when I don't answer their call.
Well, now I'll tell you why. I am going to deal with him when he steps over to the other side. I am waiting for him to come. Let me remind you that I have a perfect memory. I will remind him of that as well. And justice will prevail. I assure you of that. There is nothing on earth that you can do to him that I can't make about a hundred, a thousand, a million times worse.
I watch over all my children. And I keep a careful book on each and everyone of you.
That's all I have left to do these days.


So, now that I've mentioned and cleared up a few things that's been bothering me, I hope things will settle down among all of you. Resume your normal days. Dream your hopeful, amazing dreams. Don't forget the teachings of those who seemed to know what it's about. I don't like to mention names, but a Martin Luther King, Mother Theresa comes to mind. Don't live to their lives, just live up as close as you can to their example.
And I will be here watching all of you. And yes, I am keeping score of everything that has and will occur. You guys and girls can't imagine how much more enjoyable you're lives can be if you know how much fun you'll have when you finally come here to me. I always get a personal kick out of seeing each face as they pass through the light. Almost always they say something to the effect: "Oh. This is what I was worried about. Oh heck." And we have a good laugh, and they ask if there's a swimming pool around here. And I say no, there isn't.
And then I tell them, there's a hundred right over there. And we laugh again.
So you see, there isn't much to be worried about, at least not on the scale of the world ending and the water running out. Just remember to turn it off while you're brushing your teeth and you'll be fine. You have enough to worry about in your lives as it is. Let me worry about the little things.
Thank you for your time. Sorry for the interruption, I know it must seem a little awkward. But it's nice to finally talk to you in person. Watching your lives every day and every hour, sometimes I find myself sitting up off my chair and yelling down at you. I guess that you would call it "talking to your television set". Sometimes you guys just drive me up the wall. Sometimes you make me laugh. The ones who make me laugh tend to get a better deal up here.
I think that I just made a joke.
You'll have to find out when you get here.
Take care of each other, you have no idea how closely related each of you are. Peace be with all of you.

Omnipotently yours,

Take care of the planet as well. It was here a long time before any of you were. You were afterwards, like on the fifth or sixth day. So just leave the earth the way you found it. I would appreciate it.

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