Lying Glass

Looking at the floor
Seeing our pieces have fallen
I was carrying you
But I must have forgotten

Some may say we tried
But failed to see the same way
Letting such a good thing roll away
To let the spirits play

There was you, plying away
Suffering your hidden blows
Where was I
Why couldn't you let me know?

But it's all getting cleaned away
Mercy on these floors, it's all getting scrubbed clean
Sometimes these dreams, they just fly away
It's all getting cleaned away

Letting a good thing go away
Were we crazy
Or just happy to be insane
It's all getting cleaned away like it was never there at all

Our run has come to an end
I laugh when we even try
Letting these things go away
Leaving the floor alone

These things have come and gone
I had just forgotten we were both away

I was looking at the floor
Seeing the glass had broken
I was carrying you
But it had slipped and fallen
Last Resort

Are you really standing there
Thinking I'll look and pay you attention
Like you're the sun
Beating down so harshly from the sky

That you matter as much as breathing
Letting my clockwork mind strike its midnight toll
At your sight
Thinking that your voice is a whistle to my ears

How far do you think I've gone
A step, a foot ahead?
How long did you think the wake would last
Since the Big One happened so fast?

Memories have been stolen
I can barely remember how I felt
If only remembering that I actually did
You becoming just another face

Don't you think everything turns to dust
Not even emotions last forever
If whole worlds can die
Do you still think I'll be looking for you

Just be happy I think I was wrong
That I don't hold anything for you
I barely figured out who I was then
I surely don't think I'd be the same person all over again
Just carry on with you
Please aim your stage some other way

By Don Bernal

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