-The Art of Civil Disobedience-

Sometimes its good to be wrong. Sometimes you have to be good when you want to be wrong. Sometimes, you just have to be nice, whatever calamity you find yourself in.

The Art of Civil Disobedience is the art of being bad, in the nicest way possible. The art of bringing bad news, with the nicest smile you have. The Art of the Pretty Middle Finger.

Because sometimes you have to be bad. A lot of times. Very many times. Actually, the only times you should not be bad are (1) in church, (2) at the birth of a child, and (3) saying goodbye to someone you love. That's it. The rest of the time, you are required to be a miscreant. Just do it as nice as possible.

Because the point of being disobedient is to act in contrary to the accepted standard. The reason for this is that you find something wrong with this standard. Otherwise, you're being mindless, which is not quite an Art but more of a lifestyle choice. The rest of us, we have this reason to go against convention. We think it's wrong. So we go the other way.

Now, if we all did this in the rudest, most destructive way possible, then there would be major problems besetting us all. Imagine if Gandi was as angry as he was, and decided to not preach passive resistance. He'd have a million man army, raising pandemonium and riots all over. What if Russia decided to answer the US boycott of imported vodka with nuclear war? Do you know what would happen.

No more Arts. No more people. Only hideous radioactive mutants faced with the task of rebuilding our fallen society, or perish.

And all because we decided to turn away from the niceties of disagreeing. So put a smile on your face, as your devilish mind plots ahead.

Do the world some good.


By Don Bernal

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