-The Art of Being Ambigiuous-

What the?

Don't tell me you were tricked into reading this. Oh poor you. Bamboozled and understandably bewildered.

Well don't fret. I promise you, there isn't anything groundbreaking or new here - merely a rehashing of old thoughts and older ideas.

A rehashing on the order of mashed potatoes!

Primarily, this is a state of affairs - a pocket of time in which I, me, the producer of these said marks, will attempt to give a general overview of the state of the being that is - me.

Fun fun in the summer time!

I'm going to generalize because it is remarkable easier, and perhaps more effective. This is a thought I've been tossing around in my head-that-is-a-playground.
Henceforth, an example:

(after first date)
Lady: So, do you want to hang out sometime again?
Guy 1: Well, I think you are cute. And I see real potentional with you. But I still can't hedge my bet on just one girl. I mean, you have to understand that. In order to maximize the potential of me finding true happiness and/or an ideal sexual partner, I'm going to need to stay away from medium to serious commitment for a while....

(after first date)
Lady: So, do you want to hang out sometime again?
Guy 2: I think I could possibly see us hanging out again (*smile*).

Now, that is a slightly exagerated example. I'm sure if you took a few minutes, you can come up with your own examples of how being general, somewhat abigiuous, is much more preferred that being blunt, boring and altogether predictable.

Go on. Think up of some examples. I'm too tired to list more. I'll wait.


I think there comes a time when being altogether predictable is a good thing - coming up with rent money, never cheating more than once a year, brushing your teeth six out of the seven days in the week.

But predictablity breeds idleness of the mind. And idleness of the mind - let me tell you - is the cause of ALL SORTS OF BAD STUFF.

See - given the time of idle our thoughts - having nothing of significance or importance to contemplate - we will inevitably make things up to entertain us.

It's the reason we watch scary movies, read mystery books, watch tv. Our minds want to wander off and do something else - something it doesn't do in its stale existance.

We will *make drama* just because there is nothing else for our minds to do.


My point - well, I'll get to that.

But the reason being general is preferred to being specific is the effect it has on the other person. Being general and specific will draw many shapes about you - but with no known substance or details. Being general and ambigiuous will make you appear hazy in the mind's eye. You will be a puzzle.
And puzzles that are still need to be solved are always more interesting than the ones that already done.

Everyone wants to be the one that figures it all out.

That's my point: being general gives someone the chance to be the Sherlock Holmes, the hero, the All-Knowing-Grand-Pubba-Of-All-Time.

Being the mystery just keeps everyone looking at your way.


And maybe that is the point.

Who knows (*smiles*)?


By Don Bernal

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