Behave Today by Don Bernal
Get out of this house and stay here no more
Scream from the top of your lungs
Madness quiver in your voice
     Only have the heart of the dead
     Holding nothing but the cold air
     Stringless and unbound
Go underground and change your mind
Trying new ideas as they come by
Dig deeper for knowledge shallowness can’t hide
     Look like the king of the unsaid
     Broken eyes that swing no more
     Faceless thing, so rigid, so cold
Clear your eyes to see what’s been hiding
See the details of boredom living in their faces
Then go for a mirror and see if it’s too late for your own
     Be different today as if today won’t end
     It gets darker before you know
     Don’t wait till you get home
Stay warm and dry or else they’ll see you shiver
Breathe like you’re never had a breathe before
Listen till it hurts and you ache silences for rest
     Live like a heart attack
     Beating till life won’t go anymore
     It’s only a world, and you barely belong
Keep walking today
Move so you’ll have somewhere to go
Don’t stop till you’re there, a place really nice
     Don’t turn yourself out
     Until you’ve really changed your mind
     Just don’t come home

End of You, Again

You tear yourself away, like you’re burning from the touch
Breaking off and running, not even a look back
I say good-bye but know you’ll turn around again
Because the loops in your mind don’t know how many times its past Go

You can’t even remember if you hate me or even care
You just know my name and that I’m always there
Tied me up the mast of that ship you call Despair
Set it sail on an empty ocean
Let it crash before it can go anywhere

But you always come around again
To the south side of me
Never been able to keep yourself away
Breathing the air like it was misery
Eyes gleaming like they’re thirsty for the sight
Like they’re tears but they’re not; they’re greedier and nastier, blood-striken, dark bright

Onto the edge of truth you always play
Always close to being free
But never staying, leaving for more darker pastures

I’ve seen you from the front
I’ve seen you from behind
I never know who to wait for because I never know who I’ll find

Always on the edge of truth but never really there
Always close to being better, but being better just doesn’t compare
To the rollercoaster in your mind
Where there’s never a care.

by Don Bernal

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