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My online friends

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Alex - I met Alex online in a yahoo chat room...something todo with Wales i think. We met in '99 i think when i was still in school, he came into my life someone older and wiser and with a love to give me that made me feel special and loved. Everyday we would talk for hours online, and on the phone for no reason! A fantastic person in everyway... love you babe

Nikki - Nikki and I have only known each other since June 2001 but we have soon got to know one another, she's a great laugh and is someone who always keeps me thinking postive! She's a great chick who is great at reasuring me!

Greenaway - Bud! Greenaway is a new found friend who i met through Leigh and Mooney doing their I.T course (same as Gareth). He is always good for a slightly disturbed laugh, but always has a kind word to make me feel better :). Its a shame that i dont see him as much as i should!

Stu! - Otherwise known as "Dirty Stu" - we've had our arguements via planetarion. hee hee, but since then we've got to know each other alittle better. He throws wicked parties and has a great sense of humor, and also listens to me winge! Cheers matey!

Trojan - Trojan owns Inknet Gaming Cafe in Inberrow, Worcestershire, so therefore I met him when i first went to a LAN party. He's a great laugh and very passionate about gaming. If you are too, then make sure you check out

Tom - I have only known Tom alittle while too, but we share plenty of interests - music, personnal opinions and a great faith. I guess he's just one of those people that I clicked with, calling and txting all the time - hey there baby. ps he's a wicked dj too!

Emily - Now really Emily should be on my friends list, but then again I hardly ever see her now. I talk to her on the net all the time, about the latest fit bloke we have discovered! She is one amazing chick - the amount of work she takes on, still has fun and her talents florish. She's passionate about music and dance. To me she's the apsolute best!

Mat - What can i say? Talented with a computer, not bad at pool, and always a good laugh! oh yeah and very good looking ;) heh! he'll know what i mean ;) Anyways he's a really good mate and most likely off to London soon, so i hope it all goes well for him, i'll miss him loads!