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My Friends - Best mates always

How to describe my friends

My friends are the people that keep me going! We have a few problems but we are always there for one another! Statto- There are so many things that i could say about Statto but he would deny them all! He's great, sweet, honest, very foxy for all those ladies out there ;) he's very supportive of everyone, and gives great advice!

M00n3y aka Paul- Now here's another good friend of mine, more than good friend, he's one of my best friend we have been through alot together! High school for one, but we both know that we are on the same wavelength and usually know what each other is thinking!

Leigh- Little Leigh is a little quiet but very loveable, he's always there if you need someone to listen, although sometimes he gets stuck when trying to think of something to say to make you feel better! but one thing he does know how todo make you laugh, and has great taste in music!

Rob I've known Rob since i we were 3! Rob will always defend me if i need it! He's a wonderful listener, but wont talk about his own problems so we have to prise it out of him! Very Cuddly also

Creampuff aka Martin Martin is a wonderful friend and listens to anyone's problems, even though he has his own! He's a sound dude with some decent taste in music also ;)

Emma Emma and i are eternal friends, so many things in common, but so many things that we dislike, but we have known each other since she was born so thats 16 years! Been so many places together... Wales! Devon! hehe loads of places, and loads of boys!!! hehehe

Becci I have known Becci since year 7 of High School, We've had are own adventures too, Weston - Super - Mare! Lake District! heh foxy lads in weston baby yeah ;) Hop on Baby!!

Taylor! How could i forget Taylor, he's such a sweetie although i think he wouldnt admit it! With his double hard image - but gets scared playing AVP in the dark! heh, but everything aside he's been a good mate since i've met him and i'll miss him when he goes to da army, but then he'll b loaded anyway! heh

Ant Ant i have not known well for long, but he's very importnant to me, he will do anything to cheer me up, and i love him to bits :) hey baby!

Adam I've known Adam for sometime now but i have only just began to know him more as a great friend - he's amazing and always makes sure that he's friends are ok :)