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My Family

My family around me

My family that are always around me are one of the best things in my life! i couldnt ask for anything better! The diamond that shines in my family would have to be my nieces, and nephew... Amy, Sophie and Todd!

Amy is 7 and beginning to have that grown up element about her, she's very intelligent and picks up on things easily... there's no fooling her!

Sophie is 6 and is right now in that stage where she talks back, and is really annoying! hehe but i love her all the same. Sophie is also a girly girl, and loves her Nutcracker Barbie!

Todd is only little awww, bless. He's such a sweetie, he's only 9 months old and has a fascination with mobile phones and television remote, you know in the way that the kid always wants to play with the box and not the present inside it! hehe

Family Ties

A little bit of my parents