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"Anybody can say or do anything in the name of Omar Khayyam Ravenhurst. For better or worse, that never fails to confuse the authorities." - Kerry Thornley

The Reverse Hive Mind

or, an experiment on human confusion and its effects on the penultimate ideosphere. A hive mind is one mind, many bodies. Therefore a Reverse Hive Mind is one body, many minds. Or, in this case, one identity, many minds. The identity in question is reconized by the name of Omar K. Ravenhurst. Omar K. Ravenhurst is an identity which exists only the net, an identity that is open to be used by anyone.

Even you.
Be amazed by Omar's vital stats!

Especially you.

Wet your pants as you read the tale of Omar's history
Marvel at the way we seem to answer questions without saying anything at all.
Examine our gallery of Omar sightings and submit your own.
And find out ways to spread the word about Omar. While you are here, why not take the time to check out Omar's guest book?
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All parts of this sight, unless otherwise noted are property of the universe. May not be used without your permission.

special thanks to Omar K. Ravenhurst