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Blender Game Archive

Temporary site of the Blender Games Archive, hoping to bring you all of your retro Blender Gaming needs! For now, I only include the more complete games, not tech demos.  If anyone does NOT want their game posted here (dont know why you wouldn't, but I have to do this) please email me and I will gladly remove it. Also, if you are the author of one of these gams and have it up for download somewhere else, send me the link so I can link there instead of hosting the file myself.  Any other concerns or game requests, mail me at If I run out of room, I will have to split it up into several sites or host it somewhere else (I have way more than 50 megs of blender games). Have fun!

Name: Space WARS
Genre: Ship combat
Author: Zack Kendal
Description: 2 player Combat, what more could you want?
Download  (211k)
Name: Crazy J's Misadventures
Genre: 3rd person
Author: Not sure
Description: Worth a download for the intro and music, plus, it has MONKEYS!
Download  (1.15mb)
Name: Tiko: El Maestro
Genre: Maze/Adventure
Author: Malefico
Description: Similar to Zelda.  Walk around the maze, collect keys, and shoot magic missiles!
Download  (562k)
Name: V1
Genre: Flight Sim
Author: BlenderBogey
Description: An awesome flightsim
Download  (2.14mb)


Name: Gertwheels
Genre: Racing
Author: IconJunky
Description: A racing game on a track
Download (258k)


Name: CityRun
Genre: Racing
Description: Cool racing game in the city
Download  (739k)

Name: Ford's 60's Racer
Genre: Racing
Author: Rishern
Description: Cool driving around game
Download  (2.03mb)

Name: Aerospeed
Genre: Racing
Author: Rishern
Description: A cool wipeout clone
Download  (467k)

Name: Antigravity Racer
Genre: Racing
Author: Unknown
Description: A racing game, kind of cool, with sound
Download  (436k)

Name: Catch Me (v1.1)
Genre: Race/shoot/thingie
Author: Lars Bock
Description: A cool wipeout clone
Download  (377k)