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F u r c i s h S h o t s - Rawr. =^o.0^=
Graphic intensive!!! all my Furcish screenshots! O.o; More added daily... If you want the links to like, Home an Furc an stuff, they're stuck somewhere in the middle on the left. o.o;;

April Foools! x.x Fel's work after Vlady invaded Furcish

Bey, Kit, Pebz, Fien, Loose, Stu and moi.

Whoot! Blue-ness!!!

Bur, Me, Skunk an Dunc as Skoonks, an Freak jus ruinin dah piccy!

Whoot! Dunc sits!

DraggyDayyy. Coke, Peb, Me n some otha peoples!

NH ish invaded! AHHHH.

Hells, Kas, Dia, bey n some otha person dah day dat we played Matchmaker! XD

Freak's mean.

Musties and mice, musties and mice, OH! The mustes and mice!

Oki left. =(


It'ss... Me, Stu, Blue! and Ice. In Stu's dream. Yessiree.


Kit, Bey, Fio, Peb, Stu and me. Look! It's me odl colours! XD

Lizzy Spit IGNITE!

Loner Shpot in NH

Annoying Aqua. Mueh. =P

Whoot. Kuru before his Owl-ness, I think.

Lan and I. Nil was in mah shpot. -.-;

Shtu an I. I was on a random colour spree. x.x

See? More colours.

Peb, Me and Stu the day I met Stu. Dragon Day!

Me n Silv in mah dream. Dun nuh nuhhhhh.

We were all unspeci rats! XD

'Odd'. Sumthin me n Muteki had a while ago. x.x

Uh. Happy.. Hallowe'en? Fio as Fio, Peb as Peb, stu as Peb and me as Stu!

A bunch of people!

Not too bad. More randomness.

And more.

Rianan the dya she got her wings, "And I'm seriously, like, XD Irl!!"

Me. In My. Spot.

More Skunks n Mice.

Me in MY Official Unofficial acro spot. MINE. NOT. VOODOO'S. MINE.

Drahcir died, Aki inched away, Toe went silent and Neet and I were sugar high.

Aurrish an meh as kitties in Hidama, I'm dah blue.

I'M SINKINGGGGGGG. And never forget, my white deformed peacock! XD

Lord save me, the midgets are coming.

Cay's a Peppermint draggie

The all-mighty Furre cross! Reese, Coke, Kryahp, Evah, Me an Barray.

Yeah. Uh. It's a cult to worship Blue Fuzzle.


In Aur's dream, we all haf rocks! Rocks rock!

Neet n Kryahp fightin over meee


Bey's a sekzy turkey, uh huh.

I was gettin a warning lecture from Shadowborn. Never again shall I dreambomb. o.<

People! XD

I'm pink. O.o;

I feel Eefil. Mwahahaha.

Eeeee. Tacky. O.o;

Eefil Fluff...

I look funny.

FluffQuest Version 1.0!

Square-ness, Doood.

Twas Wrwr fer Hallowe'en.


I'm Shin's Nightlight. An Kit duznt look too happy... Uh oh. o.o;

We've got SHOES!

Fluffay World

Moore Floof!